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Living on the Edge exists to help Christians live like Christians. Established in 1995 as a radio ministry of teacher, author and pastor Chip Ingram, Living on the Edge has since grown into an international discipleship ministry. The ministry creates Biblical teaching and tools that challenge and equip spiritually hungry Christians all over the world to become mature disciples of Jesus. Chip has the unique ability to communicate God’s truth, challenging people to live out their faith in ways that transform families, churches, and communities for the common good and the glory of God.

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Sep 25

My Generosity Manifesto, Part 1

Wouldn't you like to be happier, more fulfilled, someone people would look at and think, "Wow, I wish I could be as positive and kind as that person!" In this program, we get a look at what Chip calls his "Generosity Manifesto." It's a step that'll get you headed in that direction.

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Research tells us that generous people are happier, have a stronger immune system, and have more positive, life-giving relationships. Which begs the question: How can we become more generous people? Chip answers that question, in this program.

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Did you know that the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled people in the world all have one thing in common? In this program, Chip helps us discover what that is and how we can make it a part of our lives - starting today!

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We've all heard the slogan: You deserve a break today. There's another one out there that goes: You deserve to be happy! If that's true, why are there so many UNhappy people out there? Maybe, in your heart of hearts, you're one of them. In this program, Ryan Ingram, opens scripture to show us how to pursue happiness in a way that actually works.

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Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, we all long to be known and accepted for who we really are. The truth is, we're all afraid that if "the real me" showed up, no one would be interested. How do we come out of hiding to find true friends, a mate, or a significant relationship? Join Ryan Ingram as he begins the answer to that question.

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