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J. Vernon McGee takes the listener through the entire Bible in just five years chapter by chapter through both the Old and New Testaments. The Saturday broadcast is Questions and Answers which covers questions sent in by listeners of the daily Thru the Bible program. Sunday Sermon is Sunday's program offering listeners a collection of the most effective and fruitful sermons given by Dr. McGee during his ministry at the historic church of the Open Door when it was in downtown Los Angeles.

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Nov 26

Zechariah 10:3-6

Jesus is the only one in the saving business today. That's the straight talk we get from Dr. J. Vernon McGee in this study of Zechariah. Learn more about amazing prophecy and Gods future plan for Israel and the entire world.

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Did you know the devil imitates Bible prophecy? He's been using the same scheme from the beginning of time. Discover what that scheme is and the only thing that is guaranteed to defeat Satan's plans.

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Peace on earth. We're going to hear that phrase a lot as our study of Zechariah continues. But is it possible? Dr. J. Vernon McGee tells where this peace might come from, and it may be different than we think.

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Nov 23

Zechariah 9:9

Remember when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a small donkey on what we call Palm Sunday? The people went crazy, celebrating and waving palm fronds, shouting Hosanna! Hear Zechariah's prophecy of this event and get a broader picture of the important statement Jesus was making.

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Alexander the Great was a cruel and brutal general, but did you know the prophet Zechariah foretold his story some 200 years before? Dr. J. Vernon McGee takes us through this amazing prophecy and outlines its fulfilment.

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