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A New Beginning is the daily, half-hour radio program featuring pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie. Greg is senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and Irvine, California. With some 15,000 members and multiple campuses, Harvest has become one of the largest churches in America. Greg teaches God's Word in understandable, practical and sometimes humorous ways--equipping listeners with the necessary tools to live out their faith. Since 1990 Harvest has hosted large-scale evangelistic events throughout the United States called Harvest Crusades. More than 5 million people have attended these life-changing crusades.

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May 20

How to Handle Discouragement | Spiritual Attacks

When people stand against us, it’s often because of what we stand for. Some people can’t stand people of faith, but they tolerate just about everything else. We have to remember that the attack is nothing personal, it’s something spiritual. Today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie helps us see what’s behind that hostility. We’ll look at a time in the Old Testament when a great work of God faced open hostility. And we’ll see how we can compose and conduct ourselves just as our forefathers did.

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Winston Churchill, during WWII, spoke at the school he once attended. Tradition records his entire speech as just 17 words: 'Young men, never give up. Never give up! Never give up!! Never, never, never-never-never-never!' Historians point out the words were slightly different, and the speech notably longer, but it’s still good advice. And today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie points out we must display that same kind of resilience.

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When you’re listening to the radio, you hear one station at a time. There may be dozens and dozens up and down the dial, but your tuner helps you hear just one. Well, today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie points out there are voices of opposition calling to us as we walk with the Lord. We need an internal, spiritual tuner that helps us hear just the voice of God. We’ll look to the example of Nehemiah and his wall builders today in learning how we can ignore our detractors.

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In the book of Acts, we read that the believers were all “in one accord. ” In one accord. No, not in a Honda . . . they were unified. They were in agreement. They were in harmony. They were a team. Are we today? Pastor Greg Laurie addresses that issue here on A NEW BEGINNING. We’re looking at a fine example of teamwork recounted for us in the book of Nehemiah. They had a great task to be done, they faced great opposition, but they dedicated their great efforts to a great God.

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When we attend church in person, we walk on a freshly-swept sidewalk . . . we may be greeted by someone . . . maybe handed a bulletin . . . we pass an usher or two on our way to our seat . . . then we’re led in worship, and we’re taught from God’s Word. You know, a lot of people made themselves available for all that to happen. Today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie wonders what you’re willing to do for someone else. It’s an encouraging message today on how we can say yes to service for God.

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