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A New Beginning is the daily, half-hour radio program featuring pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie. Greg is senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and Irvine, California. With some 15,000 members and multiple campuses, Harvest has become one of the largest churches in America. Greg teaches God's Word in understandable, practical and sometimes humorous ways--equipping listeners with the necessary tools to live out their faith. Since 1990 Harvest has hosted large-scale evangelistic events throughout the United States called Harvest Crusades. More than 5 million people have attended these life-changing crusades.

Recent Episodes

Sep 18

Getting Through the Storms of Life

The way you live your life as a believer, is it off-putting or irresistible? Our job, as believers, is to show the world what a Christian looks like. And Wednesday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie brings important perspective from the story of Jonah. Tune in!

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Sep 17

Getting Through the Storms of Life

Storms often blow into our lives. Pastor Greg Laurie says sometimes a storm is sent by God to correct us to help us get back on the right track. Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING, we'll see a case-in-point from the life of the prophet Jonah. It's important insight coming your way!

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Sep 16

Getting Through the Storms of Life

According to Pastor Greg Laurie, there are people who are going through a crisis, and there are people who are about to go through a crisis.

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Sep 13

Here Am I...Send Him, cont'd

Do you know someone who's been running from God? The prophet Jonah tried that, and he found himself in a very dark place. Friday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie offers help and hope for those who want to return to their Heavenly Father. Insights from the series "Jonah Go."

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Sep 12

Here Am I...Send Him

The Great Commission was given to ALL believers were to share the Gospel with EVERYONE we know. Not just those we like! Thursday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie points out how Jonahs reluctance to preach was a bias against his audience. Well learn to avoid that!

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Sep 11

A 2nd Chance in Life, cont'd

When the prophet Jonah rebelled and ran from God, it didn't go well for him! His life went down, down, down. And Wednesday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie helps us see Jonah's despair, and yet how God responded when Jonah cried out in repentance. Good encouragement coming!

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Sep 10

A 2nd Chance in Life

Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING, we join Pastor Greg Laurie in Joppa, Israel . . . a city mentioned in the story of Jonah. Pastor Greg explores the real message of the book of Jonah. It's far more than a story about a big fish! Tune in for the insight.

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