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Bible Study Hour

Christian talk radio with James Montgomery Boice

A nationwide radio program preparing you to think and act biblically featuring the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice, former Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA. This half-hour long program broadcasts Sundays.

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Oct 26

A Poor Man's Rich Legacy

Taste and see that the Lord is good! This week on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll see in Psalm 34 that David has once again escaped the hands of his enemy. He has nothing and no one, yet David gives his testimony of all that God has done for Him. This psalm is a reminder that we should praise God at all times, through both the good and the bad.

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Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll examine the rich and beautiful imagery of Psalm 33, where David calls on all of God’s people to shout out praises of thanksgiving, to joyfully exalt our majestic and faithful God who sees all, knows all, and remains steadfast. Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

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The Kingdom of God. We use the phrase often, but do we really comprehend its meaning? Is the Kingdom of God past, present or future, and what exactly is it like? Join Dr. James Boice on The Bible Study Hour as he explores the truths, the fallacies and the magnitude of the God’s marvelous kingdom.

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Sin is all consuming, destructive and condemning, but there’s great news! We serve a forgiving and loving God who covers every transgression, no matter the size or scope of our sin. Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice will take us through Psalm 32 and remind us that when we turn to God, He will forgive us, and lead us on the path of righteousness.

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Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll continue our study of the Psalms in Psalm 31, as we hear David move from a desperate cry for deliverance to an unshakable confidence in God and a remembrance of God’s continued faithfulness.

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