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Christian talk radio with DeHaan, Crowder, Morgan, Hettinga

A 15-Minute weekday program that provides a friendly conversational Bible study format. Mart DeHaan, Bill Crowder, Elisa Morgan, Brian Hettinga, and Daniel Ryan Day share discussions that are Bible-based and culturally relevant.

Recent Episodes

Jan 21

Following Christ And What It Means To Be "Called"

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Jan 18

Approaching Scripture As Discerning And Knowledgeable Readers

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Jan 17

Discerning When Scripture Is Meant To Be Universal And When It Is Not

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Jan 16

What Does Paul Have To Say About The Role Of Women In The Church?

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Jan 15

What Were Some Of The Complex Racial Issues Of Ancient Rome?

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Jan 14

What Were Some Of The Challenges Paul Faced In His Cross-Cultural World?

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Jan 11

Understanding Context Can Help Keep Us From Misreading The Bible

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