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Encounter – Special Edition

Christian talk radio with Eben Fowler

A compilation of Christian information features with news and insights from a Biblical perspective.

Recent Episodes

Sep 10

Special Encounter // Walter Hoye

Eben Fowler interviews Walter Hoye, president and founder of Issues4Life Foundation, about Missouri Right to Life Western Region's annual banquet.

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Sep 4

Special Encounter // Dr. Michael Youssef

Topic: Eben Fowler interviews Dr. Youssef about his new book, “Counting Stars in an Empty Sky”

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Aug 16

Special Encounter // Mike Lindell

Topic: Discussed the cultural impact of the “Unplanned” movie and it’s release on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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Jul 22

Special Encounter // Stephen Kendrick

Topic: The Kendrick Brother’s Films, Including the Upcoming Release of “Overcomer” (www.overcomermovie.com)

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Jul 9

Special Encounter // Dave Kubal

Discussion about the history and work of "Intercessors for America"

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Jun 10

Special Encounter // Todd Nettleton

Topic: Upcoming Voice of the Martyrs Advance conference in the Kansas City Metro area on Saturday, June 22nd

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Apr 29

Special Encounter // Robyn Chambers

Topic: Option Ultrasound and Focus on the Family’s Alive from New York event on Saturday, May 4th.

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