Encounter – Special Edition with Eben Fowler on Bott Radio

Encounter – Special Edition

Christian talk radio with Eben Fowler

A compilation of Christian information features with news and insights from a Biblical perspective.

Recent Episodes

Jul 9

Special Encounter // Dave Kubal

Topic: Discussion about the history and work of "Intercessors for America"

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Jun 10

Special Encounter // Todd Nettleton

Topic: Upcoming Voice of the Martyrs Advance conference in the Kansas City Metro area on Saturday, June 22nd

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Apr 29

Special Encounter // Robyn Chambers

Topic: Option Ultrasound and Focus on the Family’s Alive from New York event on Saturday, May 4th.

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Apr 24

Special Encounter // Jonathan Pitts and Anthony Evans

Topic: The upcoming film “Kingdom Men Rising” from Fathom Events with Jonathan Pitts and Anthony Evans.

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Apr 10

Special Encounter // Abby Johnson

Topic: Abby Johnson describes leaving her job at Planned Parenthood to become an outspoken advocate for pre-born babies.

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Mar 19

Special Encounter // Sue Thayer

Topic: Discussion with Sue Thayer, former Planned Parenthood Clinic Manager who is now Director of Outreach for 40 Days for Life.

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Mar 14

Special Encounter // Chad Connelly

Topic: Discussion about a "Kansans for Israel" Event, supporting opposition to the BDS Anti-Israel Movement

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