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Encounter – Special Edition

A compilation of Christian information features with news and insights from a Biblical perspective.

Recent Episodes

Mar 19

Special Encounter // Sue Thayer

Topic: Discussion with Sue Thayer, former Planned Parenthood Clinic Manager who is now Director of Outreach for 40 Days for Life

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Mar 14

Special Encounter // Chad Connelly

Topic: Discussion about a "Kansans for Israel" Event, supporting opposition to the BDS Anti-Israel Movement

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Feb 14

Special Encounter // Greg Laurie

Topic: Greg Laurie’s new book, “The Jesus Revolution”

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Feb 5

Special Encounter // Bill Wright, Brad Mattes and Mallory Quigley

Topic: Recent pro-abortion laws passed in New York and Virginia

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Jan 24

Special Encounter // Gil Mertz

Topic: Mertz’ new book on forgiveness, “Forgive Your Way to Freedom”

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Jan 18

Special Encounter // Greg and Johan Johnson

Topic: Weekend to Remember Marriage Conferences in 2019

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Jan 9

Special Encounter // Erin Hawley

Topic: Hawley’s new book from Focus on the Family, “Living Beloved: Lessons from My Little Ones About the Heart of God”

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