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Every Last Word features the Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Philip Graham Ryken. The mission of this ministry is to broadcast clear Bible teaching that glorifies God and helps people grow by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. This weekly program helps Christians apply God's Word to everyday living.

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Oct 24

Eighth Commandment: What's Yours is Yours

Are you a thief? I ask because Christians today have forgotten what stealing really means. Theft occurs at every level of society, and like everyone everywhere, even believers are in on the take.

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Sex is like super glue because it bonds together a man and woman in a permanent union. This type of bond is only for marriage; sex in any other context leads only to misery and heartache.

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We say that America is a civilized country, but in reality we live in a culture of death. Death is everywhere. There’s murder in our cities, our schools, and on our highways. And according to the Bible, there’s murder in our very own hearts as well.

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High school students are amazed at how out-of-touch their parents are, how little they seem to know about life. But parents deserve a lot more credit than that! Yet even if they don’t, they still need to be obeyed because it’s the will of God.

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Work, work, work; is there ever an end to the to-do list? There just aren’t enough hours in the day. But God has a remedy - one, whole day in seven to rest in his grace.

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