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Every Last Word features the Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Philip Graham Ryken. The mission of this ministry is to broadcast clear Bible teaching that glorifies God and helps people grow by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. This weekly program helps Christians apply God's Word to everyday living.

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Jul 25

Seven "I Wills" of Salvation

Do you want to know who the Lord is? It’s an important truth that we all need to learn. Moses wanted to know, and so the Lord revealed himself as the God of all salvation. God may have saved the Israelites from the Egyptians but what does that salvation mean to us?

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It can be hard to do the right thing, but you know what is really frustrating? Doing the right thing, only to find yourself worse off than before! Moses went through that, and it’s a necessary lesson for all of us, so that we can understand God’s sovereign control in our own lives.

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Have you ever known someone who placed impossible demands on you? Whether you’re overloaded with homework, or in the workforce, or at home with a bunch of kids, it happens to all of us. Thousands of years ago Pharaoh did this to the Israelites, yet their suffering--ultimately--was so that God would be glorified.

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The reality of God and His holiness is written on everyone’s heart, even those who most oppose God’s people. This was the case with Pharaoh in ancient Egypt just as much as it is the case in our world today.

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Jun 27

Back to Egypt

The Book of Exodus presents us with many important themes: God saving his children, the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart, and ultimately, God punishing the wicked. But before any of that could happen, Moses had much to learn.

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