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For the past four decades, Dr. James Dobson has been a leading advocate for family values, strengthening marriage and parenting. Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk is a program with a purpose: “To help preserve and promote the institution of the family and the biblical principles on which it is based and to seek to introduce as many people as possible to the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk provides sound biblical advice for Christian marriages, families and parenting.

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Oct 11

A Story of Cancer and Comfort - II

On this edition of Family Talk, Dr. Dobson concludes his interview with Dr. David Jeremiah, pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. Dr. Jeremiah talks about the emotional and spiritual low points in his battle with cancer, and refutes the delusional belief that Christians wont experience suffering. Hear why we must rely on Gods strength when hardship comes.

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Its been said that everyone is either coming out of hardship, in the midst of a struggle, or about to experience difficulty. On todays classic Family Talk broadcast, Dr. Dobson sits down with his good friend, prominent pastor and author, Dr. David Jeremiah. He discusses his battle with cancer, and why he believes God allows suffering in all of our lives.

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According to research from Enough is Enough, America is the top consumer of pornography with 4 in 10 people believing these images are morally acceptable. Today on Family Talk, Dr. Dobson concludes his interview with author Nancy Blake. She reveals why she initially blamed herself for her first husband's addiction to pornography, and how she depended on God through this betrayal. Nancy also talks about getting remarried, and the healing that she continues to experience.

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Pornography is an evil that warps the minds of many young people, with an addiction stronger than most drugs. Today Dr. Dobson welcomes author Nancy Blake to the Family Talk studios. She opens up about her first husband's struggles with pornography, which eventually destroyed their marriage. Hear how she recovered from this heartbreak, and what she is doing to help other women in similar circumstances.

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Many kids in the 21st century have an unhealthy attitude of entitlement, which is often perpetuated by their parents. On this edition of Family Talk, author and parenting blogger Kay Wills Wyma, talks to Dr. Dobson about this subject through her book "Cleaning House." She examines the damaging effects of helicopter parenting, while providing practical advice to parents on how to ready their children for the real world.

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