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For the past four decades, Dr. James Dobson has been a leading advocate for family values, strengthening marriage and parenting. Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk is a program with a purpose: “To help preserve and promote the institution of the family and the biblical principles on which it is based and to seek to introduce as many people as possible to the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk provides sound biblical advice for Christian marriages, families and parenting.

Recent Episodes

Mar 21

Love Thy Body - I

Christians in the 21st century constantly struggle with defending their faith against secular worldviews. On this Family Talk broadcast, Dr. Tim Clinton addresses this subject with Nancy Pearcey, Professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University. Through her new book, Love Thy Body, she unpacks how the moral issues in society boil down to a damaged view of ones self.

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Mar 20

A Nation Abandoned by God - II

The Bible is very clear that a society or nation that embraces wickedness will not last.Today onFamily Talk,Pastor John MacArthur continues his presentation on why America is experiencing Gods divine wrath.He pinpoints 4 ways society has discarded absolute truth, and become callous toward holiness.Listen to how America can turn its heart back to God.

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Mar 19

A Nation Abandoned by God - I

For many years, America has chased after immorality and deserted its Biblical foundation.On thisFamily Talkbroadcast, Pastor John MacArthur explains why he believes this country has been completely abandoned by God.He connects the downward progression of this country to the depravity described in the first chapter of Romans.

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Mar 18

Unprecedented Times: Michele Bachmann on America's Foundation

Thomas Edison once said Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he cant afford to lose. Today onFamily Talk, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann implores the audience to take advantage of Americas golden hour. Despite the many successes from the current administration, there is a civil war of ideas happening over the hearts and minds of Americas citizens.

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Mar 15

A Wonderful Life When Jesus is in Charge - II

Scripture is full of examples of Gods faithfulness to His people, even when they were disloyal. Today on Family Talk, Dr. Jerry Kirk concludes his presentation on how wonderful our lives can be when Jesus is in charge. He tells stories of how God has changed lives for the better, and why he founded the Prayer Covenant ministry.

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Mar 14

A Wonderful Life When Jesus is in Charge - I

1 Kings 8 says, Let your heart therefore be wholly devoted to the Lord our God, to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments. On this classic Family Talk broadcast, you will hear an engaging presentation from Dr. Jerry Kirk, founder of Prayer Covenant ministries. He unpacks the Lordship and Deity of Christ, and how wonderful our lives can be when we follow Him.

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Mar 13

How to Fall in Love with Your Kids - II

Christian parents everywhere desperately want to raise God-honoring kids. But as many experienced moms and dads know, thats a lot easier said than done.Today onFamily Talk,Dr. Dobson continues his discussion on this topic with the President of Kanakuk Kamps, Joe White.The two explain why quality family time is important, and how parents can reinforce where their kids are insecure.

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