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For the past four decades, Dr. James Dobson has been a leading advocate for family values, strengthening marriage and parenting. Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk is a program with a purpose: “To help preserve and promote the institution of the family and the biblical principles on which it is based and to seek to introduce as many people as possible to the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk provides sound biblical advice for Christian marriages, families and parenting.

Recent Episodes

Jul 17

Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America - I

Christianity has been unfairly targeted by the progressive culture. Fortunately, more and more non-religious groups are coming to the defense of religious liberty. Today, Dr. Dobson welcomes popular conservative author and speaker, David Horowitz, to the Family Talk studios. The two discuss the origins of the hostility towards religion, while David explains his decision to walk away from a progressive leftist mindset.

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Jul 16

God’s Help in My Life: The Story of Dale Evans

Beginning in the 1950's, Americans fell in love with the entertaining western duo of Roy Rogers and his wife, Dale Evans. Today on Family Talk, you will hear a timeless message from Dale as she shares her moving testimony. Outside of her fame, many don't know her personal journey, which was marred by heartache and sorrow.

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Jul 15

Courageous Christianity

Christians living in this modern culture must be bold and refuse to keep their beliefs silent. On this classic Family Talk broadcast, Dr. Dobson sits down with law professor and radio journalist, Hugh Hewitt. Professor Hewitt talks about his book The Embarrassed Believer, and why so many Christ followers are afraid to live out or share their faith publicly.

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Jul 12

A Changed Life - II

With a party girl mother who was married 7 different times while he was young, Pastor Greg Laurie's home life was understandably chaotic. On today's Family Talk broadcast, Pastor Laurie continues talking about his rebellious teenage years that included heavy drug use. Hear how a group of Jesus Freaks helped him find the freedom that completely transformed his life forever.

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Jul 11

A Changed Life - I

Jesus often taught in parables, because powerful stories are memorable and meaningful. Today on Family Talk, Pastor Greg Laurie from Harvest Christian Fellowship shares his powerful testimony involving a troubled upbringing. He explains how his mother's wild lifestyle led him down a similar destructive path as a young adult. Hear how Pastor Laurie's deep longing for purpose led him to a meaningful relationship with Jesus.

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Jul 10

The Crisis at Our Southern Border

There is tremendous division throughout the entire nation over what is happening at our southern border. Today on Family Talk, Dr. Dobson addresses this humanitarian crisis through the reading of his July newsletter. He shares his heartbreaking visit to the holding facilities in Texas, and discredits the media's misconceptions about the refugees' living conditions.

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Jul 9

How the Church Can Reach the Millennial Generation - II

What are the best ways for the church to engage the millennial generation? On today's Family Talkbroadcast, Dr. Dobson continues talking to Minister Jonathan Teague from Prestonwood Baptist Church. They examine young people's disconnect with the concept of absolute truth, and emphasize why mature believers must disciple and minister to millennials.

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