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Hosted by Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, this half-hour program is the cornerstone of Focus on the Family's home-strengthening outreach. Focus on the Family provides biblically-based advice for marriage and parenting with heart-touching stories and help for families.

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Dec 4

How to Stay Crazy in Love with Your Spouse - I

Stronger marriages require a life-and-death commitment! Greg and Erin Smalley describe how a foundation of faith, a relentless commitment to each other, and learning rules of engagement in conflict saved their marriage!

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You want your children to do good in the world, serve others, and love the Lord, but that desire needs to be instilled. Dr. Kathy Koch examines the importance of character in your child’s life and ways you can nurture and develop it. She’ll reveal your child’s core needs and some solid strategies for teaching character

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[ATTENTION: This program's material may not be suitable for young children. ] Celebrating your daughter’s transition into puberty can be a wonderful and sacred experience! Two moms describe how to discuss the changes of puberty in a positive and affirming way, helping young girls understand God’s gift of their sexuality!

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You’ve heard of the five love languages, but can they prevent affairs? Dr. Gary Chapman explains that marriages are most secure when both husband and wife have an emotional love tank that is full something that happens when they’re loved in a language they can understand.

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Affairs can be prevented. Dr. Gary Chapman explains the process of infatuation, and how, for married couples, it can lead to an affair if it’s not quickly addressed. Learn how to overcome those attractions and how to nurture your relationship with your spouse.

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