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Christian talk radio with Jim Daly

Hosted by Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, this half-hour program is the cornerstone of Focus on the Family's home-strengthening outreach. Focus on the Family provides biblically-based advice for marriage and parenting with heart-touching stories and help for families.

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Oct 26

A Godly Perspective on End-of-Life Decisions - I

Seeing a loved one decline in the ICU is a heart-wrenching situation no one is truly prepared for. Dr. Kathryn Butler will offer your family help to navigate end-of-life decisions in a godly way.

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Mom, you can have a strong relationship with your teen daughter. Kari Kampakis offers insight into the world of teen girls: what they’re dealing with, how they interact with their world, and what they need most from their relationships with you. You’ll be encouraged to intentionally connect with your daughter.

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If you think there’s too much month at the end of the money, you’re not alone! We’ll present a unique challenge to take twenty-one days to break bad spending habits, plot a course to become debt-free, and work on being content with what you have.

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Sharing your faith can be intimidating, but God can use you as a bridge to reach others. Brothers David and Jason Benham will inspire you to be a witness for Christ in everyday life. And they’ll offer advice to help you share the gospel with boldness and compassion.

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After 4 kids and her 40th birthday, Leslie Leyland Fields thought her family was complete but God had other plans! Leslie shares candidly about her fears and faith, and how her surprise kids are the greatest blessing in her life!

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