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The Friends of Israel Today is the weekly half-hour radio outreach of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. Founded in 1938, The Friends of Israel is a worldwide Christian ministry, communicating biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while fostering solidarity with the Jewish people. The Friends of Israel Today is hosted by Chris Katulka—speaker, author and blogger with the ministry. To support this ministry write: The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc., PO Box 908, Bellmawr, NJ 08099, or call 1-800-257-7843 and be sure to tell them you listen on Bott Radio Network.

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Nov 20

November 21, 2020 | Perspectives on Jesus: The Religious Leaders

Not everyone loved Jesus. Many didn’t accept His saving grace because they saw Him as a threat or an insignificant distraction in their lives. We saw this attitude last week through the eyes of the Romans, who were more concerned with their empire than with the King of Kings. This week we look at Jesus through the eyes of the Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious leaders of His time. It seems unbelievable that they could hate the Savior of the world, but this anger stemmed from a familiar place, which Chris explains today in part 2 of our 3-week series on the different perspectives of Jesus.

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Who is Jesus? This question seems to have a different answer for every person. Muslims say He is a prophet. Jewish people say He is a rabbi. Unbelievers say He is nothing more than a moral teacher. But we who believe in Him for salvation know He is our Savior and our Lord. Chris opens our three-week series on how everyone sees Jesus differently with this look at how the Romans saw Jesus in the first century. This study of notable Romans that Jesus interacted with in the Gospels will help you see your Savior through the eyes of a culturally powerful people group! The post November 14, 2020 | Perspectives on Jesus: The Romans appeared first on The Friends of Israel Today Radio.

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What’s better than getting a gift on Christmas? How about giving a gift on Hanukkah? That’s what Ty Perry and Becky Meissner, our field representatives in Las Vegas, Nevada, are doing in their Jewish community this year. As they deliver special Hanukkah baskets filled with Israeli goods, they share God’s love to His Chosen People with a message of hope from Scripture. Chris speaks with Ty and Becky on this week’s program to talk about their ministries and to discuss why Hanukkah is such a cherished time in the Jewish community each year. The post November 7, 2020 | Hanukkah Basket Outreach (FOI Ministry Highlight) appeared first on The Friends of Israel Today Radio.

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Election Day is just a few days away in the United States! Among the many promises and positions believers consider when evaluating political candidates is their view of Israel. This week Chris interviews Jim Showers, executive director of the Friends of Israel, to discuss the U.S. presidential candidates’ histories and agendas for the Jewish nation going into this election. You’ll learn all you need to know about Israel’s future relationship with the United States in this important election-themed episode.

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Rapture—the word that excites and energizes many Christians while frightening others. However it makes you feel, it’s an incredible biblical truth that we need to understand! Chris teaches from Scripture to make the Rapture more accessible to you in this program. He provides eye-opening context from 1 Thessalonians and Greek culture to exhort you with one of God’s greatest promises for believers. Find refreshment in this honest and hope-filled analysis of God’s promise to meet us in the air!

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