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The Friends of Israel Today is the weekly half-hour radio outreach of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. Founded in 1938, The Friends of Israel is a worldwide Christian ministry, communicating biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while fostering solidarity with the Jewish people. The Friends of Israel Today is hosted by Chris Katulka—speaker, author and blogger with the ministry. To support this ministry write: The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc., PO Box 908, Bellmawr, NJ 08099, or call 1-800-257-7843 and be sure to tell them you listen on Bott Radio Network.

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Jul 2

July 4, 2020 | Prophetic Justice in Amos, Part 1 (REBROADCAST)

One word we seem to hear often in our society is “Justice.” Sadly, the word is being redefined from its true meaning. We’ve selected a favorite past episode to air this week, “Prophetic Justice in Amos.” It’s interesting that many shy away from the minor prophets in the Bible, especially when it is there that we see the heart of God so clearly. And one issue very close to God’s heart is justice. Israel seemed to have it all during the days of Amos, yet in this time of prosperity, they lost sight of true worship. When you lose sight of that, you lose sight of what is important to God. We think you’ll see the parallel in our lives as believers, especially in the western world. We’ll finish our program with Apples of Gold, a dramatic reading from the life of Holocaust survivor Zvi Kalisher.

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How would you sum up the New Covenant in one word? Simple: Reconciliation. This covenant is all about God reconciling sinners to Himself, and in return, our response should be mending relationships with others. Because continued sin separated Israel from Him, God provided the covenant as a way to share a personal relationship with Him. Only through Jesus’ sacrifice could the covenant be sealed, enabling the Holy Spirit to change believers’ lives while dwelling within us. Enjoy the conclusion of our three-part series on the New Covenant and an Apples of Gold story.

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When Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross, the New Covenant was established in front of the Israelites’ eyes after hundreds of years of waiting. This covenant changed their relationship with God, and it gave a special privilege to everyone who trusted in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. This week we enjoy the happy truths of the New Covenant for believers and for all of Israel. We’ll conclude our program with Apples of Gold, a dramatic reading from the life of Holocaust survivor Zvi Kalisher.

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Surrender! That was the prophet Jeremiah’s message to the people of Judah. Their disobedience to God and the Law meant God would use Babylon to judge them. But in one of their darkest moments, God made a new promise to His people—a promise to write His law on their hearts and return them to their land. Enjoy part one of our series analyzing this New Covenant that changed the way God deals with humanity forever. Our program ends with an encouraging Apples of Gold story, a dramatic reading from the life of Holocaust survivor Zvi Kalisher.

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Israel’s enemies are relentless. The Jewish people have always faced threats of extinction from powerful nations. Living with the fear of destruction has essentially become part of their nature. Many Jewish people feel alone, as if they have no friends to turn to for help. But they’re never alone—God is their protector! This week Chris speaks with Bruce Scott to talk about Bruce’s Israel My Glory magazine article “Relentless.”

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