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The Friends of Israel Today is the weekly half-hour radio outreach of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. Founded in 1938, The Friends of Israel is a worldwide Christian ministry, communicating biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while fostering solidarity with the Jewish people. The Friends of Israel Today is hosted by Chris Katulka—speaker, author and blogger with the ministry. To support this ministry write: The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc., PO Box 908, Bellmawr, NJ 08099, or call 1-800-257-7843 and be sure to tell them you listen on Bott Radio Network.

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Feb 19

February 20, 2021 | IMG In Depth: Interview with David Levy

What’s in a name? A whole lot! The Bible tells us the importance of a name—the Lord’s name, specifically—and our most recent issue of Israel My Glory magazine features a wealth of teaching on His name. Chris explains why the name Yahweh matters so much in how we understand and relate to our sovereign God. This week’s program features an interview with David Levy for a special look at his Israel My Glory article “The Future-Teller.” David will teach you why biblical prophecy is still so important thousands of years after it was written!

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After studying three groups of Jewish people who live all over the world, the fourth and final part of our series focuses on the Jewish people who have always lived in the land of Israel. Chris explains the history of the Jewish people’s uninterrupted presence in Israel, affirming their right to the land God promised them. Tune in to learn how malaria, kibbutzim, and the founding of Petah Tikva led to modern Israel’s rebirth and how these Jewish people maintained their presence in the Holy Land!

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Mizrahi Jews, the third Jewish background we’re studying in our 4-part series, are born with a history that testifies of God’s providence. This unique group, originally considered to be part of the Sephardic community, developed its own identity that is present in many countries today. Chris shares the story of the time he attended a Yemeni wedding party.

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The Jewish experience is not easy to pinpoint because of the significant differences among Jewish backgrounds. The countries of origin of Jewish people are spread out all over the world, from Morocco to Mexico, from Ukraine to Spain, and many nations in between. But this week we’re narrowing our focus to the experience of the Jewish people from Spain and Portugal: Sephardic Jews. Whether or not this is your first time learning about Ladino, bourekas, and Rambam, you’ll enjoy this look at Sephardic culture and gain a better understanding of the Jewish identity!

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We know you love the Jewish people, so we want to help you get to know them! Study the backgrounds of God’s Chosen People with us for the next 4 weeks, beginning with the Ashkenazi Jewish heritage today. You’ll recognize their music, cuisine, humor, and elements of their language that are a daily part of modern society. Showing love to your Jewish friends starts with understanding their culture, and this week’s show is a perfect place to start!

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