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Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr. is heard throughout North America and around the world on Grace to You, an outstanding Bible-teaching outreach. The program is based on sermons from the pulpit of Grace Community Church in Panorama City, California.

Recent Episodes

Jul 17

Creation Day 2

John MacArthur continues his study titled The Battle for the Beginning . . . showing you biblical answers to questions like . . . Are teachers neglecting science if they teach creation?

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Jul 16

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 2

Without question, science has answered a lot of questions about how this world works. But has science, particularly evolutionary theory, really figured out how the world got here in the first place as even many churches seem to believe?

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Jul 15

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 2

Understanding and believing the doctrine of creation in the book of Genesis is foundational in accepting that the Holy Bible is to be taken seriously when it speaks to the real world.

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Jul 12

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 1

No matter how far science progresses, it will never be able to answer two of life's most important questions . . . who created the earth . . . and why did He create it?

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Jul 11

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 1

If you really want to know how life came to earth look no further than your Bible - it spells out exactly how all things began.

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Jul 10

God: Creator and Redeemer

Why do so many folks, even professing Christians, eagerly embrace evolution?

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Jul 9

Creation: Believe It or Not, Part 2

Many people are confident that the entire universe, well, just sort of happened. Today on Grace to You, John looks at what the Bible says about the creation-evolution debate as he continues his study titled . . . "The Battle for the Beginning."

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