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Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr. is heard throughout North America and around the world on Grace to You, an outstanding Bible-teaching outreach. The program is based on sermons from the pulpit of Grace Community Church in Panorama City, California.

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Jan 26

How God Uses Suffering, Part 1

When an injury disables you...when you’re persecuted for your faith...when a loved one faces a serious illness...when the job you thought would always be there disappears, when life is anything but predictable and happy...what can you hold onto? What have others held onto?

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The Bible says we’re guaranteed trouble in this world--setbacks, heartaches, illness, and loneliness...even times of severe testing. So if trials are unavoidable, how should you respond to them? And what, if any, good comes from the struggles you face?

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John MacArthur will focus on the importance of responding properly to the teaching of God’s Word. Of course, teaching the Word is the core commitment of GRACE TO YOU. Why? Well, we believe what Scripture says about itself: it’s living, active, sharper than any two-edged sword. It revolutionizes you changes your family...and without doubt, God’s Word needs to be the foundation of the local church.

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For a long time, we’ve heard about churches that want to be relevant to the culture...But what does that really mean? Raising up a generation of people responsive to God’s Word should be the goal of every church.

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The great British preacher Charles Spurgeon said this: I dread beyond all things the [Holy] Spirit’s withdrawal. Death has not half the terror of that thought. I would sooner die a thousand times than lose the helpful presence of the Holy Ghost. Do you dread doing anything that could keep you from receiving the help of the Holy Spirit?

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