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Christian talk radio with Charles Stanley

In Touch with Charles Stanley tackles such issues as parenting, finances, personal crises, our emotions and relationships as well as providing instruction for personal spiritual growth by focusing on prayer, the character of God, fellowship through His Holy Spirit, and the Person of Jesus Christ.

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Nov 13

The Ways of God

Listen as Dr. Stanley explores the knowledge of God and describes ten characteristics of His ways. Knowing God better and understanding how He operates will help us make wiser decisions, wait for Him patiently, and walk in peace.

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In this rousing message, Dr. Stanley reminds us of the truth in Scripture: God is a God of love, but also of perfect justice. And because of His justice, He cannot forsake His wrath against sin. Keeping this in mind will inspire us to share Christ with those who don't know Him and pray for genuine revival in our world.

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In this message, Dr. Stanley describes four foundational qualities of Gods tremendous love, and encourages us to see expressions of it in the world and our own lives. You'll be inspired to walk joyfully in His love and share it generously with others.

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Are you facing a season of difficulty and pain? Are you wondering why God would allow you to suffer? Since the garden of Eden, there have always been trials and sorrow; it's part of our lives because of the sin that's in the world.

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In this message, Dr. Stanley explores the stunning holiness of our mighty God as described in Scripture, and inspires us to seek His presence and purify our lives. Don't miss the incredible experience of intimacy with a holy God.

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