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In Touch Ministries is the broadcast teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley.

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Oct 6

How to Handle Anger - Part 1

What does it take to make you angry? And when you find yourself angry what do you do about it? Learn to properly handle this powerful emotion.

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All of our words and actions have consequences. Dr. Stanley explains how the decisions we make in anger today affect where we'll be tomorrow.

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Are you an angry person? Your first response may be no, but many people struggle with this emotion and don't realize it.

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Dr. Stanley explains that those who are parents or grandparents have the responsibility of sharing with our children and grandchildren the truths that have changed our lives while expressing to them how God has worked in our lives. If we don't, that generation could fall into paganism.

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Ever struggled between pressing on toward the goal or wondering if making the effort was worth it? Discover why persistence is essential to a successful life in Christ.

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