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A 30-minute daily feature "committed to excellence in communicating Biblical truth and its application," Insight for Living has received tremendous response from across the country and around the world since its inception in 1977. Insight features the practical Bible teaching of best-selling author Chuck Swindoll. Chuck's forthright teaching style hits listeners "right where they live."

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Jul 1

Our Lord’s Return: What Then?, Part 1

The Bible tells us that one day Jesus Christ will return to earth. For followers of God, this brings hope. But for those who don't know Him, the return of Christ strikes fear. John used the phrase when [Christ] appears twice in these five verses. Today Chuck Swindoll explains what to expect when our Lord returns - an inescapable reality.

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In a day and age of identity theft and fraud, it's no wonder people are looking for ways to protect themselves, their families, and their investments. Chuck Swindoll offers a discerning message today to guide us and our families through the most challenging issues of our day. There is much to confuse us about our faith, but we need not fear this world.

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No one wants to be deceived. Whether it's relational or financial, it's discouraging to find out someone has lied to you. Today Chuck Swindoll provides practical tools to keep you and your family safe. While most on this planet have trouble seeing the deception at work today, true soldiers of the cross must discern truth from falsehood.

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If you've ever been at the receiving end of deception, you know the pain and hurt that comes when you're duped by someone you respect. A battle is raging today between truth and error, between orthodoxy and heresy. Chuck Swindoll speaks of this battle today and compares it to the conflict the apostle John wrote of in his first letter.

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Do you find yourself shaking your head sometimes and wondering what's going on in our world? Today Chuck Swindoll shares an important message on how our culture is changing dramatically. Discover how to navigate through the cultural maze of humanism, skepticism, and postmodernism and emerge at the end with your hope intact.

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