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A 30-minute daily feature "committed to excellence in communicating Biblical truth and its application," Insight for Living has received tremendous response from across the country and around the world since its inception in 1977. Insight features the practical Bible teaching of best-selling author Chuck Swindoll. Chuck's forthright teaching style hits listeners "right where they live."

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Jan 21

Stop Worrying and Start Trusting, Part 3

Worry is an enemy of our souls that leaves us discouraged and defeated. Because we can't see into the future, we tend to invent scenarios that are completely irrational. What an emotional drain! What a waste! It's time we stopped our habit of worrying and replaced it with the God-given solution: trusting! Chuck Swindoll presents for us a time-tested solution to worry.

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Thanks to our creative ability to rationalize our way around it, there's an addiction out there that we pass off like it's of little consequence. We even convince ourselves that it's normal, saying to ourselves, Well everybody does it, so it's okay. But the truth is that this habit is never treated lightly in the Scriptures. And what is the most common of all addictions? Worry.

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Today many of us find ourselves in a prison of our own making. Oh, the bars aren't literal but figurative. Were enslaved by an emotion that we can't seem to escape, no matter how hard we try. Today Chuck Swindoll addresses this common captivity: the bondage caused by worry. Do you have a relationship causing you angst or an issue that seems impossible to resolve?

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At the beginning of the day, we are all given the same number of hours. The crucial issue is not having enough time, but using it wisely and well. More often than not, we've formed the habit of putting off what needs to get done rather than following through on those things we need to accomplish. Chuck Swindoll addresses that habit today, along with some remedies.

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Most of us have said these words again and again: I don't have enough time. While we may repeat that statement with great sincerity, is it true? Could it be that our problem is not having enough time, but making the most of the time we have? Convicting though it may be, everyone has the same amount of time in his or her day no matter his or her status or education.

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