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A 30-minute daily feature "committed to excellence in communicating Biblical truth and its application," Insight for Living has received tremendous response from across the country and around the world since its inception in 1977. Insight features the practical Bible teaching of best-selling author Chuck Swindoll. Chuck's forthright teaching style hits listeners "right where they live."

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Jun 5

God’s Light and Our Blight, Part 1

Its difficult to have a deep relationship with someone we don't know. So how can we expect to enjoy a satisfying relationship with God if we don't know much about Him? John wrote, God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. Just what does that mean? Today Chuck Swindoll helps us understand an attribute of God that will deepen our respect for Him.

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The book of 1 John doesn't become more complicated as you read it - its complicated from the very beginning! John may have been a 90-year-old former fisherman, but he and the Holy Spirit wrote a profound, vitally important letter. Chuck Swindoll uses the context of these verses today to describe how you can deepen your relationship with God.

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If you had to describe God in three words, which three words would you choose? Today Chuck Swindoll looks at three word pictures from 1 John chapter one that tell who God is and describe His great love for us. Chuck also helps us make sense of some very complicated verses that fall at the beginning of one of the most challenging New Testament letters.

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When you read the New Testament, it's helpful to understand the cultural context in which the passage was written. Today Chuck Swindoll opens the pages of 1 John and gives a historical context for this powerful and passionate book. The first four verses, which serve as a preface to the letter, represent a grammatical knot. Let's untie it together.

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More and more, it seems that those who follow God are in the minority. So how do you stand firm in your faith when the world is battling against you? Chuck Swindoll draws from John's wisdom and passion in order to reignite the flame of devotion. Where indifference sets in, cults and heresy are not far behind. Let's heed John's words, which remain vital today.

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