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Christian talk radio with Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, brings the Word of God to audiences around the world on Love Worth Finding. This 30-minute program defends the Bible as the infallible Word of God and makes clear that His love is, indeed, worth finding.

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Oct 11

God's Grace in the Workplace

No matter what our job is, if you understand what Adrian Rogers says today, it will transform your work from boredom to blessingfrom monotony to meaningfrom the same old grindto glory. You will know that what you do is meaningful.

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Human beings have an innate desire to be known and loved for who they are. Communication is one of the most valuable tools you could ever learn to use! It is the key to a happy marriage and brings intimacy in its truest form. But it's a learned skill--there is an art to it.

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Are you a person who easily becomes angry? Anger is an acid that destroys its own container. But there is an anger that is good. Learn in this message the difference between good anger and bad - and what to do with both of them.

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These are dark days, but God wants to lead His people. Man is a clever creature, but he's lost his way. How do you find the will of God for your life? As Dr. Rogers continues preaching through Proverbs, see how it is possible for you to KNOW the way and learn what is truly God's plan and purpose for your life.

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If you understand what true health, wealth and wisdom are, God's Word will bring you to them. In this first in a series of messages on Proverbs, Dr. Rogers shows that the proverbs in Scripture are based not on earthly but divine revelation. You could ask of God nothing greater than wisdom.

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