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Christian talk radio with Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, brings the Word of God to audiences around the world on Love Worth Finding. This 30-minute program defends the Bible as the infallible Word of God and makes clear that His love is, indeed, worth finding.

Recent Episodes

May 17

Maximum Living

Are we similar to the tribes of Israel who compromised their faith? Whats standing in the way of you reaching your maximum potential. We must clear out the clutter and get our priorities straight! Adrian Rogers tells you how in this closing message from the book of Joshua.

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May 16

Christ, Our Refuge

As we near the end of our study in Joshua, this message will bring you great comfort knowing that God has prepared a place of refuge for each one of us today, and it's in the Person of Jesus Christ! Learn more from Adrian Rogers about The Cities of Refuge.

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May 15

Give Me This Mountain

Caleb was the first spiritual mountaineer. We can learn some wonderful lessons from the life of Caleb. So many Christians live defeated lives because they have unsurrendered wills. God has not meant for them to live in the valley of depression but on the mountaintop of victory.

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May 14

The Day the Sun Stood Still

The power of God is displayed in this wonderful story. But are you squandering the time God has given you on earth? God has given you a glorious day. Even Jesus Christ the son of God said, "I must work the works of Him that sent Me while it is day."

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May 10

The Valley of Decision

God is a God of forgiveness and of beginning again. Failures are not fatal or final. God wants to give you another chance. In Joshua chapter 8, after the disaster at Ai, God gives Israel another day. Forget those things that are behind...there's a land to be conquered!

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May 9

The Sin That Lost the War

Victory is God's plan for His people. Yet after defeating Jericho, Israel lost a battle with a small city! Why? There was sin in the camp - a sin rooted in pride. It's not the Jericho's that defeat the average Christian, it's the small battles. Not the big things but the little things.

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May 8

The Day of Miracles

Joshua is the Old Testament book that tells of New Testament victory. Are you facing rivers of difficulty keeping you from your land of opportunity? God has more for you. The God of miracles is able to see you through. Adrian Rogers shows the possibility and purpose of miracles.

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