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Christian talk radio with Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, brings the Word of God to audiences around the world on Love Worth Finding. This 30-minute program defends the Bible as the infallible Word of God and makes clear that His love is, indeed, worth finding.

Recent Episodes

Sep 17

Why I Love Israel

We are to love what God loves, and God loves His chosen people. God blessed Israel that Israel might be a blessing to all the world. Understand Israel's special favor with God, her satanic foe, and in the end, her saving faith in this exciting message.

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Sep 13

When Prophets are Persecuted

End-time prophecies are addressed, such as the rebuilding of the Temple, the Abomination of Desolation, and the 2 prophets that are sent as powerful messengers to this world.

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Sep 12

Jesus Christ - The One and Only

More than a great man, prophet, philosopher or teacher - He is the Mighty God. In this chapter of Revelation, the action pauses as we look carefully at the Lord Jesus Christ, the majesty of His person, mastery of His power and mystery of His plans.

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Sep 10

Looking for God in this Desperate World

Have you ever asked, Where is God? Why doesn't He do something? We may be praying diligently, wondering why God isn't doing anything to change the world, but His timetable is not ours! Discover 5 factors that will help you understand this.

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Sep 6

When Demons Have Dominion

This message sees the opening of the 7th seal and then the outpouring of God's judgment on this earth by the sounding of the trumpets and how, at the sounding of each trumpet, judgment intensifies. If you don't plan to be here in the great tribulation, then, friend, you need make other plans!

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Sep 4

What a Mighty God We Serve

During the Great Tribulation, evil forces will seem to be in control of everything. But God is mightier than all of this. He's going to demonstrate His love and mercy, even in the midst. Whatever you're facing, this encouraging message will help you see: God is able to meet your every need!

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Sep 2

The Wrath of the Lamb and the Coming Tribulation

In this message, Dr. Rogers examines the seven seals of judgment as we see the beginning of the great tribulation - a time when hell will have a holiday, a time on earth that Jesus said there has never ever been a time like this.

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