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Christian talk radio with Adrian Rogers

Dr. Adrian Rogers, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, brings the Word of God to audiences around the world on Love Worth Finding. This 30-minute program defends the Bible as the infallible Word of God and makes clear that His love is, indeed, worth finding.

Recent Episodes

Nov 15

The Coming Kingdom of Christ

In this message, Adrian Rogers analyzes the rise and fall of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 10-11 to give a clear warning to those who dare rebel against God.

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Did we evolve from monkeys? Do animals have spirits? Are animals and humans equivalent in value? In this message, Adrian Rogers analyzes morals and beliefs of the Animal Rights Movement and tests them against the truth of God's Word found in the Book of Genesis.

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What in the world is going on in the Middle East? Christians have the opportunity to know better than anyone, for we have been given the blueprints to God's plan! The clock is ticking in the Holy Land, and in this message, Adrian Rogers shares how the significant years prophesied in the Book of Daniel will come to a dramatic conclusion.

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Jesus Christ is a historical fact, but is He who He says He is? In this powerful message, Adrian Rogers analyzes the testimonies of the saints, the Scriptures, and the Spirit to prove the legitimacy of Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

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Nov 5

The New Age

New Ageism is not new at all! It's actually an age-old heresy repurposed for the modern world. But it is dangerously deceptive and must be viewed as such. In this message, Adrian Rogers conveys the importance of identifying the Enemy's deception around us and gives us steps of discernment to protect us from these traps.

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