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Christian talk radio with Michael Zeigler

The Lutheran Hour began in 1930 and is the world’s longest running, Christian outreach radio program. More than one millions listeners tune in each week. Today, Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler serves as Speaker on this weekly program that’s devoted to proclaiming the clear Gospel message of salvation which comes through Jesus Christ, encouraging Christians as well as reaching out to those who do not yet know the Lord.

Recent Episodes

Jul 13

Turning Point

Belonging to God--Baptism. "Baptism is a portal that puts the baptized person on the cross with Jesus. You get transported through time and space into the world's most important turning point. But how can plain water do that?"

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Jul 6

A Time to Talk

Talking to God - Lord's Prayer. Learn how prayer becomes a conversation with the God Who is genuinely and eternally interested in us.

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Jun 29

What's in a Name?

God's identity - Creed

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Jun 22

What God Loves—and Hates

God's Values - 10 Commandments

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Jun 15

Getting to Know Jesus-the Big Picture

There's a big difference between knowing about someone and really knowing them. Pastor Paul Schult introduces us to a different way of getting to know Jesus.

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Jun 8

My Spirit Makes My People

God sends His Spirit upon both the selfish and group-ish to make His people.

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Jun 1


The followers of Jesus do not wander through the wasteland of this world alone. We have a Guide!

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