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The Lutheran Hour

Christian talk radio with Michael Zeigler

The Lutheran Hour began in 1930 and is the world’s longest running, Christian outreach radio program. More than one millions listeners tune in each week. Today, Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler serves as Speaker on this weekly program that’s devoted to proclaiming the clear Gospel message of salvation which comes through Jesus Christ, encouraging Christians as well as reaching out to those who do not yet know the Lord.

Recent Episodes

Jan 23

Why Jesus Told Parables

Jesus' parables draw His followers out of the crowd and into the circle of His disciples.

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The word of Jesus turns us out from ourselves and our problems to the faith, hope, and love that He brings.

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When you open yourself up to hearing the backstory behind the apparent contradiction, you may encounter what the Bible is all about.

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Jan 2

Too Much

The Gospel according to St. Mark shows us the Savior Who is always on the move.

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The book of Galatians gives us a glimpse inside the family of God. It describes the Christian family as one that stands firm in Christ's freedom, walks united in the Spirit, and bears one another's burdens in love.

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