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Christian talk radio with Michael Zeigler

The Lutheran Hour began in 1930 and is the world’s longest running, Christian outreach radio program. More than one millions listeners tune in each week. Today, Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler serves as Speaker on this weekly program that’s devoted to proclaiming the clear Gospel message of salvation which comes through Jesus Christ, encouraging Christians as well as reaching out to those who do not yet know the Lord.

Recent Episodes

Jan 19

My Delight Is in Her

As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, God rejoices over you. This week we explore our new name and identity as the bride of Christ.

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Jan 12

Reason to Believe

Do you have a reason to believe that everyone should believe what you believe? John did. Come and see.

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Jan 5

The Word Turned Toward

People use their words to build bonds of trust with people they love. In Jesus, God does the same-He turns His Word toward us.

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Dec 29

A Long Good-Bye

As the year come to a close, we likely have regrets and guilt. We can beat ourselves up over work left undone, but Jesus Christ has assured us that He is your hope. His grace is more than sufficient to take us into another year and give us peace.

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