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Mid-South Viewpoint

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

Mid-South Viewpoint is a public affairs program addressing concerns that are vital to the Christian community in the Mid-South. This show is produced by Bott Radio Network in Memphis.

Recent Episodes

Sep 17

Living in the Arab World // September 17, 2019

What is life like living in the Middle East through the eyes of an American? On today’s episode of Mid-South View Point “Abu Roo” shares what life’s like living in a Muslim culture. As a Christian “Abu Roo” speaks candidly on how Muslims in the country where he lives view Americans. He also shares the misunderstandings between both cultures and the opportunities to build trusting relationships. This interview originally aired back in 2009.

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Sep 12

Prepared for Disaster // September 12, 2019

How prepared are you in case of a natural or national emergency? Life Coach David Cary along with Houston Levee Community Center executive director Greta Brown, will talk on the subject on today’s episode of Mid-South View Point; including helpful info on classes offered to get you prepared.

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Sep 11

Church Security Management // September 11, 2019

Michael Mann, owner of Masada Consulting LLC joins host Byron Tyler on this episode of Mid-South View Point. Michael Mann is a former member of FAST (Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team), whose specialty is deploying quickly to U.S. government installations that are under threat of attack. Michael has a lengthy background in military, law enforcement, and high level security. Masada Consulting LLC helps churches set up plans in the event of an active shooter entering their places of worship.

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Sep 10

Moving Marriage Meaningfully // September 10, 2019

How can you have a marriage that’s both meaningful and magnificent? On this episode of Mid-South View Point, Pastor Dan Henley, Tori Taylor, and Pastor Ricky Floyd lay out some opportunities for you and your spouse to build a purposeful marriage. Each of our guests represent the work of "Agape Means Love" that’s been serving the needs of families in Memphis for over 50 years. Our guests share three upcoming events sponsored by "Agape."

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Sep 5

Coalition for Action and Hope // September 5, 2019

Dr. Rosalyn “ROZ” Nichols and Will Christians of Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope (MICAH) joins host Byron Tyler on this episode of Mid-South View Point #radioshow. MICAH is a coalition of Memphis citizens seeking to have accountability for local political leaders while working together to provide solutions on key issues in the community. Education, Economics, and Immigration and Intercultural issues are their primary focus. A large portion of those associated with MICAH are area churches who regularly provide services, such as: food, shelter, and other humanitarian needs to the under-resourced living in the city.

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Sep 3

Total Woman Summit // September 4, 2019

Sherica Hymes of Polished Consulting, LLC joins host Byron Tyler on this episode of Mid-South View Point. Sherica has created an innovative system for leadership development, change management and strategic implementation through her company. Her successful approach to training and developing leaders has enabled her to retain clients like the City of Memphis, Shelby County Government, Nike, and non-profits. Sherica is also the mastermind behind Total Woman Summit. The Summit is a curated experience where women are empowered through education, connection, and community.

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Sep 2

Beauty for Ashes // September 3, 2019

Jennifer Bratton is a (slowly) recovering Type A control freak who loves a good spreadsheet and day planner. She’s worked in corporate real estate for over 25 years. Jennifer is also learning how God offers “Beauty for Ashes” through the death of her husband Mike. Jennifer tells her story on this episode of Mid-South View Point with host Byron Tyler.

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