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Moody Church Hour

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Moody Church Hour is the weekly radio outreach of The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois. Moody Church Hour features the Bible teaching of Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of Moody Church since 1980. Dr. Lutzer's teaching brings listeners to a deeper understanding of God and His purpose in their lives. According to Dr. Lutzer, "We want people to be confronted with the reality of God and their need for personal obedience to His Word."

Recent Episodes

Oct 2

A Tested Faith

When God is not our priority, our self-absorption destroys both us and our relationship with Him. When God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, his only son of the promise, the only fitting response was obedience. In this message, we ascend the mountain with Abraham and Isaac to find three lessons about worshipful sacrifice. Are we putting the Lord first?

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Even if we say we do not' love the world, we can be tempted to violate our consciences. Lot compromised because his faith was too weak to stand against Sodom’s relentless debauchery. He lost his testimony, his family, and his character. In this message, we apply lessons from Lot’s failure. Is God faithful even when we fall hard?

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Christians are called to have an impact on the world. When Abraham’s neighboring cities faced fire and brimstone, he interceded for them. In this message, we contemplate lessons on prayer for others, for our cities, and for our families. Despite Abraham’s mediation, the cities were destroyed. Did his prayer make a difference?

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When God is silent, we often doubt His promises. After the birth of Ishmael, Abraham did not hear from God for years. In this message, we discover three lessons about the desires of the flesh and true submission to God. We cannot live as a child of promise and a child of the flesh at the same time.

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We might be the victim of our own decisions or others. Abraham and Sarah tried to engineer their circumstances so their maid, Hagar, would bear a son—an heir. In this message, we look at God’s command and promise to Hagar, who was the victim of the decision. People do not' have the last word. In our despair and our extremities, God sees and intervenes.

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