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Moody Church Hour is the weekly radio outreach of The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois. Moody Church Hour features the Bible teaching of Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of Moody Church since 1980. Dr. Lutzer's teaching brings listeners to a deeper understanding of God and His purpose in their lives. According to Dr. Lutzer, "We want people to be confronted with the reality of God and their need for personal obedience to His Word."

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May 31

Jesus, The Devil And You (The Invisible World)

The hymn-writer penned these words: clothed in His righteousness alone, faultless to stand before the throne. The Bible tells us that, as believers in Christ, we're given new spiritual clothing. In this message, we will examine an Old Testament preview of this wonderful truth. As we look at Zechariah chapter 3, we will learn about Jesus, the Devil, and You.

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In the Bible, the Greek word for angel means messenger. An angel brought a message to Mary, as they brought God's messages to many throughout the Bible. Normally we can't see angels, but they are there, doing the bidding of God by ministering to the people of God. In this message, we examine a major part of the invisible world: God's invisible agents.

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Christians live in two worlds: the visible one of everyday life, and the invisible world of the spirit. The two are often in conflict, and our journey through life is not always easy. Making it through that journey requires the motivation to endure it, and in this message, we'll discover where believers are to find that motivation.

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Some call it black magic. But to Satan, it's just business as usual. He gives spiritual power to deceived people. This power is not meant for good but for evil. It is power to destroy. Through Satanic rituals, sorcery, charms, and other means, the devil enslaves his victims in a world of false religion: a world of evil, and a world of bondage.

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Sometime in the past, a civil war took place in heaven. Some of Gods angels rebelled, and a great darkness began. Satan and his forces were cast to the earth, where to this day they're at war with the people of God, always seeking to destroy what God is building. Through divination and the occult, demons seek to lure people into their trap.

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