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Moody Church Hour is the weekly radio outreach of The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois. Moody Church Hour features the Bible teaching of Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of Moody Church since 1980. Dr. Lutzer's teaching brings listeners to a deeper understanding of God and His purpose in their lives. According to Dr. Lutzer, "We want people to be confronted with the reality of God and their need for personal obedience to His Word."

Recent Episodes

May 15

When The Answer Is Disaster (The Triumph Of Unanswered Prayer)

How do we move forward when injustice seems to be winning? Where is God then? The prophet Habakkuk had the same issue in the nation of Israel complaints which belong in today’s news. Yet amid the turmoil, the prophet has a burst of faith, knowing that God is still in charge. Are we prepared to face our own honest questions and keep praising God?

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Prayer is often mysterious. We are commanded to ask in faith, without doubting. But the answer sometimes seems unrelated to our specific request. In this message, we learn about answers in disguise. When God answers prayer in unexpected ways, let’s remember that we need Him more than an answer.

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When we pray, we hope for a quick response from God. But God has His own timeline which is not always in sync with ours. God gave Abraham promises that would not come to pass for hundreds of years. How do we handle prayers that are time-critical for us, when God’s answers seem to never come?

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It happens again and again. A child is at death’s door, and even after urgent prayer, the child dies anyway. Where was God? When prayer is not answered as we’d like, many simply stop praying or believe false teachers’ lies about peace and prosperity. In this message, we’ll investigate three false principles such teachers use about riches and healing as well as key observations about God’s will in suffering. What’s God doing through our unanswered prayers?

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Many deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like a stone rolled in front of the tomb, they dismiss the resurrection through their indifference, naturalist or humanist theories, or even religiosity. But the conquering Christ rose in victory from death’s futile grasp. His glorious resurrection paves the way for all who believe in Him to one day live again as He did. Though many have tried, but you cannot keep God in the tomb.

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