#611 – When Your Teen Disrespects Authority on Bott Radio Network

#611 – When Your Teen Disrespects Authority

Christian talk radio with Mark Gregston

December 14, 2020

Student Story: Kirsten | Disrespect is one of the biggest issues plaguing families with children today. Yet many parents struggle with how to nip this destructive behavior in the bud. This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston identifies helpful ways to correct disrespect at home—and harmful reactions that will only make it worse! To learn more about Heartlight, visit HeartlightMinistries.org.  To learn more, visit ParentingTodaysTeens.org. The post #611 – When Your Teen Disrespects Authority appeared first on Parenting Today's Teens | Radio Show & Podcast | Mark Gregston.

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