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Christian talk radio with Jack Graham

PowerPoint is the broadcast ministry of Dr. Jack Graham from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Convinced that the Kingdom of God is a matter of power, not talk, PowerPoint is committed to helping Christians experience that Kingdom power in every area of their lives. This half-hour broadcast will help Christians apply God's Word to everyday living.

Recent Episodes

May 17

Wireless Audio

Along with the incredible gift of communication, God has given us the knowledge that our words can either strengthen and soothe or destroy and devour. On today's PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham reminds us of the importance of speaking words of God's goodness and grace to the ones we love.

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May 16

Surveillance and Security

On today's PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham brings a powerful message for those who would seek to guard the lives of their families from the dangers of alcohol and addiction.

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May 15

Financial Firewalls

So often in our families, problems arise between husbands and wives and parents and children over the issue of money. On today's PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham offers teaching from Proverbs 3 designed to help us apply God's wisdom in all aspects of our finances with his message, Financial Firewalls.

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May 14

Text Parenting

Today Pastor Jack Graham brings an encouraging and powerful message for parents on the long road of training up their children. Join us for today's PowerPoint as he reminds us that everything we'll need to know along the way can be found in the rich text of Scripture.

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May 13

High Definition Living

With words for wise families in the making, Pastor Jack Graham begins the series, "Smart Homes, Wise Families," bringing a message of encouragement for those seeking to pass the baton of faith to the next generation of believers. In his message, High Definition Living, he reminds us that true wisdom is seeing things from God's perspective.

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May 10

The Faith of a Praying Mother

As we approach Mothers Day, Pastor Jack Graham brings the message "The Faith of a Praying Mother." Pastor Graham teaches it is a mother's heart that is the heart of the home. When you pray, your heart for God will still be beating in the lives of your children and your children's children.

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May 9

A Mother's Faith

Today on PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham brings the first of two messages about mothers. Pastor Graham looks to Matthew 15:21-28 for a poignant message about a mother who diligently sought Christ and experienced a miracle. Join us for this powerful message titled "A Mothers Faith."

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