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PowerPoint is the broadcast ministry of Dr. Jack Graham from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Convinced that the Kingdom of God is a matter of power, not talk, PowerPoint is committed to helping Christians experience that Kingdom power in every area of their lives. This half-hour broadcast will help Christians apply God's Word to everyday living.

Recent Episodes

Jan 21

A Mighty Fortress

Oftentimes, we read the Psalms when we are experiencing difficulties and struggling in life because these hymns speak to the courage and fearlessness we need in the face of Satan himself, Pastor Jack Graham teaches. Today, Pastor Graham looks to Psalm 46 for an encouraging message for us all titled A Mighty Fortress.

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Jan 18

One Thing

Today on PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham continues delving into the book of Psalms -- the songbook of Scripture -- with a message from the series "Songs of Courage." Pastor Graham teaches from the beautiful song of praise found in Psalm 96 for the message "One Thing."

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Jan 17

How to Be Forgiven

On today's PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham unpacks Psalm 32 and Psalm 51 as we explore this powerful Scripture through the series "Songs of Encouragement." Written by David, these two psalms remind us that we all need God's forgiveness and grace, and we all need to protect ourselves from falling like David.

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Jan 16

Word of God Speak

Continuing our look at the Psalms, at the heart of Scripture, Pastor Jack Graham brings a powerful message titled "Word of God Speak." Pastor Graham teaches that Psalm 19 is a profound testimony to the Word of God -- a description of God's revelation of Himself.

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Jan 15

Sing a New Song

Pastor Jack Graham continues his series "Songs of Encouragement" teaching from the Psalms. In his message "Sing a New Song," focusing on Psalm 96, Pastor Graham tells us that as we grow in our faith, we have a new song to sing -- a song about what Christ has done and is doing for us.

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Jan 14

The Path to Happiness

We explore the book of Psalms in a series from Pastor Jack Graham titled "Songs of Encouragement" today on PowerPoint. We kick off the series on these beautiful songs of the people with a message looking at Psalm 1 titled "The Path to Happiness."

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Jan 11

Ultimate Success

Pastor Jack Graham concludes the series, Eternity Now, with the message Ultimate Success. Pastor Graham challenges us to live at the judgment seat of Christ. Its not the duration of our life that matters, he teaches, its the donation of our life that matters.

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