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PowerPoint is the broadcast ministry of Dr. Jack Graham from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Convinced that the Kingdom of God is a matter of power, not talk, PowerPoint is committed to helping Christians experience that Kingdom power in every area of their lives. This half-hour broadcast will help Christians apply God's Word to everyday living.

Recent Episodes

Oct 26

Victorious Prayer

In this final message of the series titled Much More because God wants us to experience all of His blessing, all of His grace, and all of His power in our lives Pastor Jack Graham reminds us that prayer is the battleground for believers, and that a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian.

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Oct 25

Battle Cry

Pastor Jack Graham winds down the study in the book of Ephesians titled "Much More," about the abundant life we have in Christ as believers. We have studied our wealth and worth in Christ and our walk with Christ. In the final chapter today, Pastor Graham teaches about our warfare, our battle cry as Christians.

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As we have been learning from Ephesians in the series Much More, the much more life is a spirit-filled life, an abundant life. In his message today, Pastor Jack Graham teaches that God wants believers to have, not just a good marriage, but a great marriage; and not just a great marriage, but a godly marriage -- a "much more" marriage.

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Today on PowerPoint, we’re continuing our study of the book of Ephesians and the Much More series about the abundant and fulfilling life in Christ. Pastor Jack Graham teaches that if we are going to win in our walk as Christians, we must walk wisely. We must be careful how we walk and while we walk.

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In the second part of the message A Pure Walk in a Polluted World, Pastor Jack Graham outlines how we can maintain moral purity. Using an acrostic for PURE, Pastor Graham teaches that to maintain purity we must: Pursue godliness; Undo defiling relationships; Remember the consequences; and Exercise spiritual discipline.

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