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PowerPoint is the broadcast ministry of Dr. Jack Graham from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Convinced that the Kingdom of God is a matter of power, not talk, PowerPoint is committed to helping Christians experience that Kingdom power in every area of their lives. This half-hour broadcast will help Christians apply God's Word to everyday living.

Recent Episodes

Nov 26

Living a Grateful Life

Pastor Jack Graham brings a special message on this Thanksgiving Day that challenges us as Christians to always live "A Grateful Life." Pastor Graham looks to Psalm 107, and teaches that the mark of a believer is thanksgiving and gratitude. We have grateful hearts because of what Christ has done for us.

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Today, Pastor Jack Graham provides a "bonus" look at the 23rd Psalm examining the words of David in this magnificent poem of the Christian faith. Pastor Graham teaches that this is a psalm for life, one that we are to know, to love, and to believe as we live in faith and victory all the days of our life.

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Today on PowerPoint, we close out the series Life Passages with a message focusing on Psalm 23:6. Pastor Jack Graham teaches that as Christians we are eternal optimists because we know Christ, and His goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives.

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Nov 23

The Good Life

In continuing a verse-by-verse look at Psalm 23, Pastor Jack Graham teaches from verse 5 today. As believers in Christ, God has given us a good life to enjoy, Pastor Graham says. God welcomes us at His table where there is a banquet of blessing spread before us. The question is whether we will approach the table prepared for us.

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Nov 20

No Fear

Pastor Jack Graham delves into Psalm 23:4 for today's message "No Fear." Pastor Graham teaches that David uses the valley to teach us a sobering truth: at some point, we will all face deep darkness. But for every shadow there must be light. And as believers, our light is Jesus ... so we should not fear.

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