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PowerPoint is the broadcast ministry of Dr. Jack Graham from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Convinced that the Kingdom of God is a matter of power, not talk, PowerPoint is committed to helping Christians experience that Kingdom power in every area of their lives. This half-hour broadcast will help Christians apply God's Word to everyday living.

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May 14

Prayer that Prevails

The Lord invites us to come to Him in prayer about anything and everything in our lives and He’s given us powerful examples of answered prayers in the lives of His children. On today’s PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham shares the three conditions we must meet in order to ask, receive, and prevail in prayer.

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On today’s PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham offers encouragement for everyone who longs to know the Lord better through a stronger, richer prayer life. How should we pray? When and for whom? Join us today as Pastor Graham answers these questions and so many more with his message "Passionate, Prevailing Prayer."

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To the Christian, prayer is not a luxury but a necessity. Join us for today’s PowerPoint message "What Happens When We Pray," as Pastor Jack Graham explains the connections we forge with the Lord as well as with each other when we pray.

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Every parent knows that his or her child is a bundle of God-given potential. What we often fail to remember is that the key to unlocking that potential is prayer. Join us for today’s PowerPoint as Pastor Jack Graham teaches us to pray specifically for the growth and development of our children and grandchildren alike.

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In a message from his Dare to Believe series, challenging us in our faith, Pastor Jack Graham looks to a powerful passage in chapter 11 of Mark’s gospel as he speaks of mountain-moving faith, the kind that prays and believes and sees God do great and mighty things!

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