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Running the race of life is hard. Yet with the Bible front and center and a heart to encourage, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus of the historic Moody Church in Chicago, takes listeners on a journey into the Word to help them make it across the finish line. Dr. Lutzer shares the good news of the gospel each day on Running to Win.

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Dec 11

Dying With Christ, Part 2 of 2 (The Legacy Of A Converted Man)

What kind of legacy will you and I leave behind? The Apostle Paul left a legacy of faithfulness to Christ to the very end of his life. He died as a martyr in Rome. But how should we as Christians face death today?

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In Greek, the word witness is the word known in English as martyr. In the early church, dying for Christ went hand in hand with being His witness. Paul the Apostle went to his death in Rome sealing that witness with his blood.

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In Roman times, slaves made up over half the population. Paul wrote about one of these slaves while in prison. Let's learn from Paul's admonition to the owner of Onesimus, a man named Philemon.

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In the Roman Empire, a vast number of people were slaves. While in prison, Paul wrote to a friend about a runaway slave he had led to Christ. Let's get a glimpse into the heart of Paul, who loved his brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Paul was an able defender of the Gospel, even when standing before kings. His passion for truth even caused one king to doubt Paul's sanity. Paul was on a mission, and in Caesarea, he ultimately appealed his case to the emperor.

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