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Running the race of life is hard. Yet with the Bible front and center and a heart to encourage, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus of the historic Moody Church in Chicago, takes listeners on a journey into the Word to help them make it across the finish line. Dr. Lutzer shares the good news of the gospel each day on Running to Win.

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Oct 4

No Reason To Hide Interview Part 4

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, globalization is not what it was. How do we interpret the developments of compromised national borders, technological advances in A. I. , and economic shifts? In this interview, Pastor Erwin Lutzer rethinks Christian suffering amid a global reset. Like our heroes of the faith, there is still “No Reason to Hide. ”

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Language can be misused to censor thought or even to shape our view of reality. As the church responds to propaganda, the rise of LGBTQ and preferred pronouns, as well as the faith deconstruction movement, we must speak the truth in love. In this interview, Pastor Erwin Lutzer exhorts us to speak up, taking the consequences. We cannot live by lies.

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We live in a divided world where victimhood has become a path to power. Should equal outcomes shape our public policies? In this interview, Pastor Erwin Lutzer discusses a biblical response to Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with his friend from The Moody Church, Pastor Larry McCarthy. In Christ, we can pursue Christian unity.

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Our culture celebrates radical self-expression, canceling anyone in opposition. As the moral foundations of our politicized culture crumble, how should Christians respond? In this interview, Pastor Erwin Lutzer discusses why he wrote the book “No Reason To Hide” as a guide to navigate our culture’s lies with a biblical worldview. Let’s represent Christ well.

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Our lives may be chaotic but there’s still time to pursue a legacy that honors God. On his deathbed, David’s country and his family were in turmoil—of his own making. In this message, we listen to David’s blessing based on God and His promises. Are we ready to die in peace, satisfied in God?

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