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Christian talk radio with Erwin Lutzer

Running to Win is the daily radio outreach of Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of Moody Church in Chicago since 1980. Dr. Lutzer is also a national Bible conference speaker and author of over 30 books. Dr. Lutzer shares the good news of the gospel each day on Running to Win providing listeners with encouragement and understanding of God's Word.

Recent Episodes

Jan 21

You Will Sit Next To The King, Part 1 of 2 (Children Of An Awesome God)

What if you discovered youre an heir to a fortune, and didnt know it? An heir is exactly what you are as a child of God. The Bible says The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs joint heirs with Christ. The world to come is ours.

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Jan 18

We Have A Divine Calling, Part 2 of 2 (Children Of An Awesome God)

Believers in Christ have a whole new life, a life with new desires that God satisfies deeply as we walk in His light. Christians are Children of an Awesome God, being ushered into the kindness of their loving Father.

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Jan 17

We Have A Divine Calling, Part 1 of 2 (Children Of An Awesome God)

If you know Christ as Savior, you are storing up riches where moth and rust cannot corrupt. That bank is not of this world, and as a child of God, neither are you. Blessings await us, and there are more blessings than we can ever fathom.

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Jan 16

When Others Won't Forgive You, Part 2 of 2 (After You've Blown It)

One thing kids learn really quickly is how to get even. Seeking revenge is a natural reaction when were offended. But the Bible commands us to not seek revenge. Lets rise above our instincts and allow God to be the One who makes things right!

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Jan 15

When Others Won't Forgive You, Part 1 of 2 (After You've Blown It)

Resolving conflicts with others can be as painful as it is necessary. We must extend forgiveness when every emotion tells us to get even. In this message we hear practical counsel on reconciliationmaking things right with God and others.

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Jan 14

Reconciling With Those You've Hurt, Part 2 of 2 (After You've Blown It)

Most people look forward to getting together with friends and relatives. But many dread these times because it means facing those whove hurt us, or worse, those weve hurt. How can we put damaged relationships back on track?

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Jan 11

Reconciling With Those You've Hurt, Part 1 of 2 (After You've Blown It)

Ever hurt someone you care about? Handling the ongoing pain we cause when we sin is a daunting but necessary task. How should we seek forgiveness from those weve hurt? Can we expect to see God bring new hope out of our bad situations?

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