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Christian talk radio with J. Vernon McGee

Sunday Sermon is a collection of the most effective and fruitful sermons given by the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee during his ministry at the historic Church of the Open Door when it was in downtown Los Angeles.

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Sep 15

Angels with Dirty Faces

The most powerful, beautiful, and awesome angel of all is also the archenemy of mankind. He is fearful and very dangerous, and his name is Satan.

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Sep 8

Watchman, What of the Night?

In the ancient Near East, the first line of defense was to build a wall around a city. But they also needed to know if an enemy was approaching, so they put watchmen on the wall. The Scriptures take that image and make application for our role in the world as Christians.

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Sep 1

The Prophet Who Used Television

When the nation of Judah was on their way into captivity, God raised up three men to be his witnesses. One of them was Ezekiel who prophesied to the captives in Babylon through some extraordinary and terrifying visions.

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Aug 25

God's Answer to Problems in Times Like These

During these early years of the 21st century, we have faced overwhelming problems that appear to have no answer. There seems to be no end to the personal and social ills that plague us. Is there no place we can turn for relief?

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Aug 18

The Home: A Casualty of the Last Days

The source of most societal problems can be traced to difficulties in the homeadultery, divorce, abuse, teenage rebellion, pornography, and the list goes on. But what are the answers to these troubles?

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Aug 11

Remember Jesus Christ

What will you say when you come to the end of your lifes journey? Will you look back at all your accomplishments or express gratitude for those who impacted your life for good? Is there something even more important to speak about at that time?

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Aug 4

Women's Place in the Local Church

There are issues in the church today that have been debated for decades and which generate a lot of heat, but no light. One such issue is the role of women in the church.

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