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Christian talk radio with J. Vernon McGee

Sunday Sermon is a collection of the most effective and fruitful sermons given by the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee during his ministry at the historic Church of the Open Door when it was in downtown Los Angeles.

Recent Episodes

Jan 20

What Do You Do With Your Past?

(Philippians 3:12-16)For many of us, tragedies, struggles, and misdeeds in our pasts seem to determine the quality of our lives and the potential of our futures. But does it really need to be this way? Is there a way to break the bondage of our pasts?

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Jan 13

When Paul Changed His Bookkeeping System

(Philippians 3)In accounting we call additions credits and subtractions are debits. But what would happen if our credits became debits and our debits became credits? It would cause great confusion and the collapse of the financial world. The same is true in the spiritual world.

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Jan 6

Confidence, Certainty, Cheer

(Philippians 1)In the Epistle to the Philippians Paul writes about Christian living at the highest level. If Gods children could learn to live for Christ, there would be confidence, certainty, and cheer in our lives.

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Dec 30

A Trip to the Zoo

(Proverbs 30:24-31)Have you ever taken the time to ponder the wonders of the animal kingdom? They have a tremendous way of teaching us about the ways of God and how to have a godly character.

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Dec 23

Glad Tidings of Great Joy

(Luke 2)On one fateful night, shepherds stood in awe as a vast company of angels declared the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. That same feeling should sweep over our own lives as we consider the Great Joy who came to die so that we might have life.

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Dec 16

What Do You Do With Your Future?

(Proverbs 27)Can we really know what our future holds? Yes, we make plans and preparations, and we set goals and objectives, but what about those things that come our way that are unforeseeable? How do we deal with them?

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Dec 9

Endorsing a Bad Note

(Proverbs 11:15)Our recent economic crisis in the U.S. has crippled banks as they reeled from the effect of homeowners who found themselves upside down in their loans and simply abandon their properties to the banks to deal with. The consequences of such decisions have been made clear in the pages of Scripture.

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