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The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is a daily thirty-minute radio program that seeks to equip, empower and unite Christians to impact the lives of others, from a Biblically-based perspective. Each day on the broadcast, Dr. Tony Evans works to impact individuals, families, churches and communities for the rebuilding of lives; from the inside out. If you contact this ministry, be sure to tell them you listen on Bott Radio Network!

Recent Episodes

May 13

Free to Choose, Part 2

When God gave us the freedom to choose, it came with the freedom to choose wrong. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains why so many of us are intend on doing just that, and talk about some of the consequences in store when we do.

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Freedom of choice is a gift of God and it’s a wonderful thing! But Dr. Tony Evans says it has a tendency to backfire on us when we don’t use it properly. Join him as he’ll talk about the trouble we get into when we cling to our rights and use them all wrong.

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If we insist on living our lives independently of God, he won’t stop us. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why that decision will rob you of the freedom you were looking for in the first place.

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When people think of the wrath of God, all kinds of traumas and tragedies come to mind. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will point out that God has another kind of wrath that’s not quite as obvious, but every bit as devastating.

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