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Christian talk radio with Tony Evans

The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is a daily thirty-minute radio program that seeks to equip, empower and unite Christians to impact the lives of others, from a Biblically-based perspective. Each day on the broadcast, Dr. Tony Evans works to impact individuals, families, churches and communities for the rebuilding of lives; from the inside out. If you contact this ministry, be sure to tell them you listen on Bott Radio Network!

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Oct 13

Grace: The Gift of Salvation

When you're God, there's no reason that you have to forgive anybody for anything. But Dr. Tony Evans wants to remind you that our God freely offers us forgiveness, even though it cost him dearly and we don't even deserve it. Find out why we can't earn grace and the problems that surface when we try in this lesson.

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Once we accept Christ, we're not the same. Sure, some things change on the outside, but the big changes happen on the inside. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he talks to us about the biggest change of all in this look at the process God uses to make us "new creations in Christ.

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Did God choose us or did we choose God? Confusing as it may seem, but the answer to both questions is, "yes!" In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will take a look at the spiritual concept of "election" which, in this case, doesn't get you into office; it gets you into heaven.

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We typically think of our salvation as a gift not something that can be bought. But the truth is, it was bought. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he discusses what that price was and digs into the meaning of the word "atonement."

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Salvation not only changes our relationship with God, Dr. Tony Evans says it's meant to change our relationships with other people as well. In this lesson, he'll explain how Jesus' sacrifice did more than just reconnect us to the Lord and what we need to do as a result.

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