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The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is a daily thirty-minute radio program that seeks to equip, empower and unite Christians to impact the lives of others, from a Biblically-based perspective. Each day on the broadcast, Dr. Tony Evans works to impact individuals, families, churches and communities for the rebuilding of lives; from the inside out. If you contact this ministry, be sure to tell them you listen on Bott Radio Network!

Recent Episodes

Mar 20

Jacob: The Deceiver God Used, Part 1

Join Dr. Tony Evans as he shows us how God can take a maneven one who's made mistakesand turn him into the leader he was meant to be. It's a look at the life of Jacob, the "deceiver in this lesson.

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Join Dr. Tony Evans as he begins a series of messages about people with problems who went on to do great things for the Lord. If you think your past has wiped out your spiritual future, join us as we discover that it's not too late.

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People are living longer these days, but how do we make those extra months and years matter? Dr. Tony Evans has the answer as he tackles the subject of significance in this lesson.

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Getting more of God in your life leaves less room for well, different things for different people. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he talks about the benefits of making those trade-offs as explains why we have a lot of people in church, but not a lot of people seeing the supernatural coming from Heaven.

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There are modern-day treatments for depression, but in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us about one that only has positive side effects and doesn’t require a prescription. Don’t miss this look at how to beat discouragement and overcome the victim mentality.

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