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The Complete Story

Join Dick Bott founder of Bott Radio Network and veteran journalist for over 50 years as he uncovers the truth about timely issues of interest to Christians. This half-hour program features analysis of news and current events using interviews with newsmakers from around the country in their own words without editing. Presented this way, you will get The Complete Story.

Recent Episodes

Oct 18

Dennis Prager

Topic: Aired Speeches from Dennis Prager; Featured Audio: "My Living Shall Not Be In Vain" by Tennessee Ernie Ford

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Topic: Aired a Speech Given by Justice Clarence Thomas; Featured Music: "He Is Only a Prayer Away" by Carrol Roberson and "Holy Ground" by The Gaithers

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Oct 9

Lisa Watson

Discussed the Upcoming Education Freedom Symposium in Kansas City, KS

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pro-life speech by Congressman Henry Hyde; pro-life soundbite from a Jill Stanek interview; pro-life soundbite from Gianna Jesson

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Sep 27

Paul Harvey

Topic: Aired a speech by Paul Harvey "If I Were the Devil"; Featured Songs: "Praise the Lord" and "One Day" by Carrol Roberson and "When You Were Sweet 16" by The Mills Brothers

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