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The Complete Story

Join Dick Bott founder of Bott Radio Network and veteran journalist for over 50 years as he uncovers the truth about timely issues of interest to Christians. This half-hour program features analysis of news and current events using interviews with newsmakers from around the country in their own words without editing. Presented this way, you will get The Complete Story.

Recent Episodes

Jul 24

The Fall of America

Mr. Bott and Rich Bott discuss The Fall of America. Audio Played: "Why Do I Love America" John Wayne; "Freedom to Chains" Paul Harvey; "Joy Comes in the Morning" The Gaithers.

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Mr. Bott and Rich Bott discuss the life of Doris Akers. Audio Clips: "It's in My Heart", "I Sure Do Love The Lord", "Sweet, Sweet Spirit" by Doris Akers

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Dick Bott and Rich Bott discuss Pastor Allen Jackson's message, "Help Your Neighbor." Audio Played: "US Citizens taking Oath”; and “Help Your Neighbor” by Allen Jackson

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What’s important to remember on Independence Day? Audio Played: “Their Lives, Their Wealth, and Their Sacred Honor” -Paul Harvey; “Old Ragged Flag” -Johnny Cash; “Francis Scott Key and the National Anthem”; “The Star-Spangled Banner” -Sandi Patty

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Jun 26

Paul Harvey

Topic: Aired a speech by Paul Harvey "If I Were the Devil"; Featured Audio: "Is There Any Peace" by Doris Akers, "I Don’t Know About Tomorrow" by Gene McDonald, Story behind the song "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"

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