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The Complete Story

Join Dick Bott founder of Bott Radio Network and veteran journalist for over 50 years as he uncovers the truth about timely issues of interest to Christians. This half-hour program features analysis of news and current events using interviews with newsmakers from around the country in their own words without editing. Presented this way, you will get The Complete Story.

Recent Episodes

May 21

Bad News in America

Topic: Aired a speech by Paul Harvey, "Bad News in America"; Featured Audio: "If You Gain the Whole World" by Carrol Roberson, Star Parker’s Life Story, "If I Can Help Somebody" by Glen Payne

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May 14


Topic: Christians Must Decide Which Side They Are on Regarding Abortion. Featured Audio: "If I Were the Devil" by Paul Harvey, Doctors Perform Heart Surgery on Baby Still in the Womb, Dr Bernard Nathanson on Fetalogy, Abby Johnson’s Story, Dr Alveda King Speaks on Abortion, Sen Josh Hawley (MO-R) Addresses the US Senate on Abortion

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May 7

Jill Stanek

Topic: Interviewed Jill Stanek About Her Pro-Life Testimony and Discussed the Roe vs. Wade Cecision by the Supreme Court; Featured Audio: "Who will Speak Up for the Little Ones" by Phil Keaggy, "Why Don’t More Pastors Speak Out" by Dr. Michael Brown, Sen. Lankford talks about Roe vs. Wade

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Topic: Discussed the Importance of Following the Lord Jesus Christ; Featured Audio: It’s In My Heart by Doris Akers, You’ll Never Walk Alone by Doris Akers, The Touch of the Master’s Hand by Bill Anderson, God Gave the Song by Sandi Patti, Jesus is the Sweetest Name by Heritage Singers

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Topic: Aired a Speech Given by Captain Clay Higgins about Faith and Freedom in America; Featured Audio: US Citizenship Pledge, "America the Beautiful" by Kids Choir, "Pledge of Allegiance" by Red Skelton

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