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The Verdict

Christian talk radio with John Munro

In each program, listeners are challenged to turn to the Bible and render a “verdict” as they consider their personal response to the truth of God’s Word. Pastor John Munro presents a clear, no-nonsense examination of Scripture, offering insight and application for all backgrounds, from those unfamiliar with the Gospel to mature believers following Christ.

Recent Episodes

Dec 7

The Security of Grace, Pt. 1

Benjamin Franklin once said that nothing in this world was certain except death and taxes! But followers of Jesus Christ can also be assured of our salvation, and know that we are secure for all eternity. On this episode of The Verdict Pastor John Munro examines the security of God’s grace.

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When you consider all the evil deeds of mankind, you might think that a perfect God would want nothing to do with us. But God loved us and chose a different response. He made a way to rescue us from our sin, by offering us grace. On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro helps us to better understand this incredible plan of God’s grace.

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God’s plan of salvation is the greatest rescue story ever told, and there’s more involved than you may realize. Through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, we’re offered forgiveness of sins, but we’re also adopted into the family of God. On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro is looking closer at the plan of grace and the many related blessings.

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There are some mysteries in the Christian faith. But the matter of our eternal salvation is exceedingly clear. Holy Scripture teaches that salvation is by Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone. In this episode of The Verdict Pastor John Munro explains this fundamental truth as he continues a study about the grace of God.

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There’s a common misconception that we’ll get to heaven if the good in our life outweighs the bad. But on this episode of The Verdict Pastor John Munro discusses the all-important truth that our eternal salvation is not a matter of merit —it’s by Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone.

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