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The Verdict

Christian talk radio with John Munro

In each program, listeners are challenged to turn to the Bible and render a “verdict” as they consider their personal response to the truth of God’s Word. Pastor John Munro presents a clear, no-nonsense examination of Scripture, offering insight and application for all backgrounds, from those unfamiliar with the Gospel to mature believers following Christ.

Recent Episodes

May 14

Final Arguments, Pt. 2

There are many people who’d like to believe that the judgment of God doesn’t apply to them. But what argument can they offer to claim such exemption? What excuse can they make? On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro explores how Paul answers such questions.

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In the book of Romans, we read that without Christ, no one can escape God’s judgment. But are there really no exceptions? Is there no group of people or amount of good deeds that can bypass this judgment? On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro addresses these questions as he explores Paul’s Final Arguments in Romans Chapter 3.

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Some people focus on having the “right” image and a good reputation, and are always concerned with how they look to others. On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro explains that having true faith in Jesus Christ isn’t just an outward profession. We must possess real saving faith in our hearts.

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In today’s culture, public image is a top priority. Celebrities and politicians go to great lengths to project a certain image, and to cover up their flaws. But today on The Verdict, Pastor John Munro is challenging us to be less concerned with what people think, and to focus instead on the condition of our hearts.

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Holy Scripture teaches that under the law of God, we are all found guilty. And regardless of who we are or our circumstances or our actions, no one will escape God’s perfect judgment. On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro explains how the Gospel offers hope for guilty sinners like us.

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