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Christian talk radio with Jan Markell

Jan Markell is the founder and Director of Olive Tree Ministries, Inc. As host of the weekly program Understanding the Times, Jan takes a compelling look at world events from a Biblical perspective with interviews of well-known authors and prominent leaders from around the world. Jan became a Christian as a young girl and has been in ministry since 1975. She has written several books and over 300 articles for publication.    

Recent Episodes

Jan 25

Not Left Behind: Why a Pre-Tribulation Matters

Jan plays the conference message given by Dr. Robert Jeffress last September on the importance of the pre-Tribulation Rapture. We still have CDs and DVDs of that event in our online store. He also shares insights into his work with President Trump.

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Jan Markell spends part one with Pastor Barry Stagner discussing the Time of Jacobs Trouble or the Tribulation. Then Jan reviews ten stories to watch in the new year and how they tie to the Bible.

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Jan Markell spends the hour with Laurie Cardoza-Moore. They discuss the now out-of-control anti-Semitism in America and elsewhere and the outrageous Jew-hatred of broadcaster Rick Wiles. We also air her conference message from last Fall.

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Jan Markell spends the hour with Anne Graham Lotz. The two discuss loss, current events, Bible prophecy, and Anne's newest book. Why does God ask us to go through such valleys and how can we hold on when we walk through them? This is an inspiring and informative hour.

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Jan Markell, Pastor Brandon Holthaus and Eric Barger present part 2 of The Worship Wars. How did music in the church get to be such a contentious issue? From style, to lyrics, to volume, to the theology of the songs, to lifestyle of the musicians, there is a lot that has gone wrong in the last 30 years.

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