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Understanding The Times

Christian talk radio with Jan Markell

Jan Markell is the founder and Director of Olive Tree Ministries, Inc. As host of the weekly program Understanding the Times, Jan takes a compelling look at world events from a Biblical perspective with interviews of well-known authors and prominent leaders from around the world. Jan became a Christian as a young girl and has been in ministry since 1975. She has written several books and over 300 articles for publication.    

Recent Episodes

Mar 17

Ready to Rebuild!

Jan Markell talks to Prophecy Watchers co-host Mondo Gonzales for the hour. First they focus on the forthcoming Tribulation Temple in Jerusalem that is ready to rebuild. It must be in place for the Antichrist to defile it. Why is this of interest to the Christian? They also discuss several current event items in the news.

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Jan Markell talks to Pastor Billy Crone for the hour about the imminent Rapture of the Church. Why are our churches marginalizing this glorious news? Others are just mockers. The knowledge of the information provided in this hour is at an all-time low at a time when the Church needs to be looking up, as the world implodes. Find Crone’s DVD set on the Rapture in our online store.

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Jan Markell spends the hour with economist Wilfred Hahn. The black horse of Revelation is on the horizon. Tribulation economic woes are casting a shadow. Jan and her guest also call out the purveyors of Prosperity Theology. They further discuss the coming Central Bank Digital Currency. Satan is using the love of money to wind up the Church Age. Find the Trajectory book in our online store.

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Jan Markell talks to health expert Twila Brase for the hour. Bill Gates warns another pandemic is coming and only vaccination of 100% of the world’s population will save us. Digital IDs are on the horizon and will control our lives. We may not be able to buy or sell without them. What is with the untold number of vaccine injured people? We conclude that such issues are about control and not health. Big Brother is leading to Mr. Antichrist.

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Jan Markell talks to Mike Gendron for the hour. Why are evangelicals rushing to Rome to unite with the Vatican? Is this not the woman who rides the Beast in Revelation? Knowing the things Pope Francis believes, why is he even celebrated in Rome and around the world? Gendron has a chapter in the Terry James’ book Trajectory, found in our online store. Surely the Vatican plays a role in the coming one-world religion.

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