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Christian talk radio with Jan Markell

Jan Markell is the founder and Director of Olive Tree Ministries, Inc. As host of the weekly program Understanding the Times, Jan takes a compelling look at world events from a Biblical perspective with interviews of well-known authors and prominent leaders from around the world. Jan became a Christian as a young girl and has been in ministry since 1975. She has written several books and over 300 articles for publication.    

Recent Episodes

Mar 28

Warning: When the East Seduces the Church

Jan talks to Jessica Smith for the hour. Why is the church trying to sanctify Eastern practices such as Yoga, Reiki, aroma therapy, crystals, and more? There is no such thing as Christian Yoga as it is calling down millions of Hindu gods. We can't sanctify pagan practices.

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Jan spends the hour with Brent Miller, Jr. as they introduce the new film Before the Wrath, found in our online store. This is a defense of the Rapture of the Church, now abandoned by most churches. In a time of turmoil, enjoy the hope offered by our blessed hope - the soon-coming Rapture before the wrath of the Tribulation.

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Jan Markell spends the hour with Pastor J.D. Farag. They talk about the level of fear prevalent today with tough times ahead. Also, Pope Francis is apocalyptic in his ways and should be watched. Is God shaking the nations?

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Jan's first guest is Nathan Jones. They discuss the mighty angels of Revelation. There is intense angelical and demonic activity in Revelation and the Church Age. Then Todd Hampson continues the discussion on this important book of the Bible. It matters to God that we know how it all ends. Both author books are in our online store.

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Jan Markell spends the hour with author Jeff Kinley discussing the character of the Antichrist, the locust invasion in Africa, Coronavirus, the Presidents peace proposal in Israel, and much more. Tribulation events are casting a shadow on the Church Age. Is the Antichrist waiting in the wings?

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