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At Unlocking the Bible, our mission is to multiply believers who are rooted in the word of God, growing in love for Christ and bearing fruit, around the world. Our goal is to accomplish this as we: Proclaim Christ through Media, Mobilize Believers in Evangelism, and Equip Leaders for the Church. Colin Smith is senior pastor of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, a thriving, multi-campus church located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and president of Unlocking the Bible.

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Apr 16

Commit! Part 2

You almost gave up. You almost lost your faith but God brought you through it all. You’ve come a long way. Pastor Colin talks about how you move forward from here.

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Faith leads to commitment, not the other way around. Faith is a gift that comes down, not an effort that is worked up. Pastor Colin talks about the reasons why.

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Did you know that it’s possible to long for heaven, with all its people, pleasures and possessions and still completely miss the point of it all? Don’t do that. Pastor Colin talks about what’s at the heart of heaven.

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Christian faith is not about your ability to trust. If it was, some of us would have a great advantage over others. Pastor Colin talks about what biblical faith depends on.

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