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Unshackled! is radio drama produced in a unique way. As it has been since 1945, writers, actors, and musicians combine to create a dramatic presentation that demonstrates the power of God to reach and change man. Today, Unshackled! is still produced very much as it has always been. Original music is still woven "live" through the story at the time of production. Sound effects occur as the story unfolds before an appreciative live audience. Unshackled! is a ministry of Pacific Garden Mission. Known as the Old Lighthouse, Pacific Garden Mission has since 1877 preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost men and women of the street while at the same time meeting their material and physical needs.

Recent Episodes

Nov 22

Program 3645 Rebecca Khan

Rebecca Khan (Drinking, Drug Use, Doubt) Rebecca Khan turned to drugs and alcohol to fill a void inside her, but after a close call with a strange man on a dark country road, she saw the need for a dramatic change in her life. Seeking help, she turned to the one who'd been there all along.

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John Newton Part 2 (Doubt, Slavery, Disappointment, Sickness) John Newton was miraculously saved from a shipwreck which totally changed the direction of his life. Driven to make a fortune to be worthy of the woman he loved, his search led him to find a greater purpose both in his personal life and in the writings of his experiences. Using his knowledge of the slave trade he worked tirelessly to make a difference in the laws of England and found the amazing grace of God along the way.

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John Newton Part 1 (Motherlessness, Cruelty, Rebelliousness) In the 1700's John Newton's mother taught him the faith of his childhood, but when his mother died, he was left to struggle on his own. Following his father into work as a sailor, John gradually lost the faith his mother had taught him and lived a life of selfishness and immorality, until a sinking ship taught him a lesson that would open his eyes and remind him of the faith he left behind.

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Rosemarie Florio (Abuse, Neglect, Evangelism) Rosemarie was born to a mom who couldn't care for her, and she ended up being raised by her mom's friend, Rosie. Rosemarie and her brother endured terrible abuse and neglect. They didn't have enough to eat, and Rosemarie was repeatedly molested by Rosie's son. When Rosie died, Rosemarie was left alone with her mom. Things did not improve until a job supervisor removed Rosemarie from her living situation and put her on a path toward healing. Rosemarie went to vocational rehabilitation and flourished in college. Through a volunteering position at a nursing home, Rosemarie was introduced to the Gospel, and she gave her life to Jesus. She has spent her adult life working in the public court for those who growing up under abuse like she did. She also serves in many different areas of ministry.

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The Enemy Within (Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism, Social Gospel) Christian writer C.S. Lewis, wrote an apologetic novel called, "The Screwtape Letters." The story consists of a series of letters from a Senior Demon to his nephew, a Junior Tempter. The uncle's mentorship pertains to the nephew's responsibility in securing the damnation of a man known only as "the Patient". In this Unshackled homage to Lewis's masterpiece, our timely program dramatizes this theme from the standpoint of what a senior demon might direct a younger demon to say and do TODAY in a world where even the church has been infiltrated with the secular philosophies of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory.

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