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Unshackled! is radio drama produced in a unique way. As it has been since 1945, writers, actors, and musicians combine to create a dramatic presentation that demonstrates the power of God to reach and change man. Today, Unshackled! is still produced very much as it has always been. Original music is still woven "live" through the story at the time of production. Sound effects occur as the story unfolds before an appreciative live audience. Unshackled! is a ministry of Pacific Garden Mission. Known as the Old Lighthouse, Pacific Garden Mission has since 1877 preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost men and women of the street while at the same time meeting their material and physical needs.

Recent Episodes

Jan 19

Program #3601 Janet Laballiere Classic

Janet Laballiere (Rebellion, Shopping Addiction, Mental Illness) After her parents separation, Janet grew more and more rebellious. She turned to drinking and shopping to distract from her pain, but her mental illness intensified. Then, after volunteering at Pacific Garden Mission, a counselor led her to the light.

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Allen Hanson Classic (Greed, Lying, Repentance) Growing up in a missionary family, Allen envied his friends who always seemed to have newer and better things than he did. Growing older he was determined to achieve happiness by becoming as wealthy as possible, even if it meant neglecting his wife and daughters. Eventually, his bending the rules landed him in prison for mail fraud and swindle. In prison he finally understands what true happiness is and dedicates his life to serving Christ. Once he's released, he continues to tell other prisoners that only Christ can free them from the chains of sin that keep them in bondage.

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Ron Shultz Classic (Seeking Truth, Family Death, Air Force) Ron lived a lifetime of chasing after fools gold. Enticed by the glitter, disappointed by the result of promises broken. His search was for the meaning of life, the secrets of the universe. He joined the Air Force, got married and enrolled in Non-commissioned Officer Training where he met his friend Oliver who eventually led him to Christ.

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3598 Phil Lacy Part 2 PG (Speech Impediment, Drugs, Pride, Divorce) Going from drug dealer to highly successful pillar of the community, Phil turned his life around with hard work and a talent for auctioneering estates and trusts, which is especially surprising given Phil's speech impediment growing up. But all his success leads to a prideful attitude that launches his downfall into drug use, womanizing, divorce and despair. Phil cries out to the Lord and embarks on a new direction in life. He turns his attention to open air evangelizing, where he now uses his healed speech disorder to hallow God's name to the world and show that sometimes our greatest ministry flows out of our brokenness.

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3597 Phil Lacy Part 1 PG (Adoption, Rebellion, Drug Use) Even though he grew up in a Christian household, Phil found out at a young age that he was adopted, and it launched him into a world of rebellion. He fully embraced a life of drug use and drug dealing, even landing him in jail. While hitchhiking, he encounters a pastor that takes him through the steps of becoming a Christian. Phil follows along but his heart isn't in it. He still is sowing his oats, unwilling to give up his selfish lifestyle, when part 1 ends. Will he embrace a full committed faith? Listen and find out.

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