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pacific-garden-missionUnshackled! is radio drama produced in a unique way. As it has been since 1945, writers, actors, and musicians combine to create a dramatic presentation that demonstrates the power of God to reach and change man. Today, Unshackled! is still produced very much as it has always been. Original music is still woven "live" through the story at the time of production. Sound effects occur as the story unfolds before an appreciative live audience. Unshackled! is a ministry of Pacific Garden Mission. Known as the Old Lighthouse, Pacific Garden Mission has since 1877 preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost men and women of the street while at the same time meeting their material and physical needs.

Recent Episodes

Jan 20

Program #3549 Hanna Alarid

3549 Hannah Alarid (Addiction, Relapse, Oppression, Deliverance) Growing up in a dysfunctional home Hannah never experienced unconditional love from her parents. When the family moves to a new neighborhood Hannah falls in with the wrong friends which leads to a life of addiction, shoplifting and self-hatred. God uses the influence of a wise Christian woman to help Hannah understand her need for a Savior. Eventually, still struggling with addictions, Hannah recognizes her need to enter a Christian recovery program.

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Jan 13

Program #3548 Johnny Garcia Classic

3548 Johnny Garcia Classic (Child abuse, Anger, Addiction) Johnny Garcia suffered physical abuse at the hand of his older brother Bobby. Though Bobby changed after getting saved, Johnnys anger remained and controlled his life for the worse. After being discharged from the military for striking an officer, he learned how to find the peace his brother did.

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Jan 6

Program #3547 "Soong En" Classic

3547 Soong En Classic (Communism, Persecution, Atheism) Soong En lived in the midst of the persecution and fear brought on by Chinas Cultural Revolution where marauding bands of the Red Guard roamed the streets looking to victimize anyone opposed to their cause. This suppression created in her a hunger to search outside of this dangerous Communist ideology. She becomes a Christian in China, and through Gods guidance, ends up in America where she attends a Bible college and serves as a missionary, helping people, who themselves are fleeing persecution. Eventually, she marries a pastor and becomes a counselor.

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Dec 30

Program #3546 Nellie Sealy, Part 2

3546 Nellie Sealy Part 2 (Depression, Health, Family) When Nellies husband took his life, Nellie was left with her daughter Sherrie and nothing to fall back on besides her loving family. While they cared for her greatly, Nellie faced a series of health issues that left her wondering if life really was worth living. Only when she surrendered and invited God into her challenges did Nellie start to thrive. Sherrie created a beautiful family and Nellie shows love to them and everyone she meets. Nellie discovered great purpose in ministering to the sick and dying in the nursing home.

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Dec 23

Program #3547 Nellie Sealy, Part 1

3545 Nellie Sealy Part 1 (Abuse, Addiction, Suicide) Nellie was born into a big, loving family who nurtured and loved her. But when she left home, she fell into a bad group of friends and began drinking more and more leading to a series of failed relationships. The end to her abusive marriage came when her husband took his own life, leaving her alone with her precious daughter, Sherrie. Sherrie came to know the Lord before Nellie did. Though Nellie faced a lifelong battle with depression and attempted suicide, her family showed her the love of God in their care and mercy towards her. At the end of Part 1, Nellie moves in with her brother Paul to heal and recover from her dramatic past.

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Dec 16

Program #3544 Tracey Griffin Classic - PG

3544 Tracey Griffin Classic PG (Abuse, Rape) The daughter of a teen mom grew up in an abusive foster home with a foster mom who blamed her for being raped and molested. She learned to turn off her emotions as a defense mechanism until becoming a mother herself showed her the way to love.

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Dec 9

Program #3543 "Foxes Have Holes" Classic

3543 Foxes Have Holes Classic (Teen Runaway, Finding Purpose) Adam, the son of a wealthy businessman, flees home to escape his fathers controlling behavior and finds meaning for his empty existence. Adams father hires private investigator Mike Fox who tracks the boy to a Chicago homeless shelter. His pursuit of the boy results in Fox finding much more than he bargained for. This fictional, film-noir type detective story was expressly written to bring attention to all the lost souls out there searching for truth, purpose and love some of whom pass through our very doors here are Pacific Garden Mission.

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