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pacific-garden-missionUnshackled! is radio drama produced in a unique way. As it has been since 1945, writers, actors, and musicians combine to create a dramatic presentation that demonstrates the power of God to reach and change man. Today, Unshackled! is still produced very much as it has always been. Original music is still woven "live" through the story at the time of production. Sound effects occur as the story unfolds before an appreciative live audience. Unshackled! is a ministry of Pacific Garden Mission. Known as the Old Lighthouse, Pacific Garden Mission has since 1877 preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost men and women of the street while at the same time meeting their material and physical needs.

Recent Episodes

Mar 17

Program #3557 Don & Bev Classic

3557 Don Bev Classic (Idolatry, Marriage Problems, Overspending) Don and Bev were doing well. A good marriage in want of little. But over time that little became a lot through reckless overspending. Things became their God. Over time this idolatry begins to chip away at the marriage until, on the brink of divorce, they visit a pastor that helps them understand the one true thing they can idolize a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Mar 10

Program #3556 Isobel Kuhn, Part 2

3556 Isobel Kuhn - Part 2 (Missions, Anxiety, Disease) When Isobel left for China, she hadnt seen her fianc, John, in several years and she had no idea what to expect. Her first years were difficult, and Isobel struggled to adapt to the lifestyle of the rural poor in China. She struggled to learn the language and wondered how she would ever serve God among these people. In time her confidence grew and so did her family, as she gave birth to her first daughter. Inspired by the faith and openness of the Lisu people, Isobel formed deep friendships and started a Bible School so that more could learn Gods Word. But when the Japanese declared war on the U.S., China became a more dangerous place for Americans. Isobels daughter was captured, and the General looked to missionaries to help fight for peace.

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Mar 3

Program #3555 Isobel Kuhn, Part 1

3555 Isobel Kuhn - Part 1 (Missions, Depression, Family) Isobel grew up surrounded by missionaries. Her parents often hosted them when they were home on furlough. Yet for all her exposure to their work, Isobel didnt understand what would compel them to uproot their lives. Though she was a promising student, a devastating break-up brought Isobel to the brink of despair. If God could not bring her peace, she decided life was not worth living. Over time, God restored her faith and when Isobel ended up at a mission conference, she felt an undeniable calling to spread the Lords Word in China. Yet, her family was adamantly opposed. Through prayer, persistence and the support of friends, Isobels family eventually agreed to let her go study at Moody Bible Institute to prepare for a life on the mission field.

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Feb 24

Program #3554 "Natalie"

3554 Natalie (Gluttony, Depression, Anxiety) Though she was loved by her parents, Natalie struggled with her mothers volatile mood swings and chose to isolate and self-medicate with food from an early age. Though she was a brilliant and driven student, she developed severe anxiety that prevented her from flourishing at medical school and in her career as a doctor. Animals were some of her dearest friends and it was through her dog that Natalie reconnected with a cousin who would introduce her to the love of Jesus. With His help, Natalie was finally able to break the chains of addiction to food and depression in her life.

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Feb 17

Program #3553 Paddy Wrench Classic

3553 Paddy Wrench Classic (Adoption, Rejection, Occult) Adopted six weeks after birth, Paddy feels rejected by her birth mother. After she and her husband serve overseas as teachers in mission schools, her husband rejects religion. Through a Bible study in Hong Kong, Paddy finds Christ and the ability to handle rejection. Then shes tested through rejection by her adoptive mother, her sons attempted suicide and the false religion of her birth mother. She eventually realizes that being adopted into Christs family is all that matters.

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Feb 10

Program #3552 "Ellie McBride"

3552 Ellie McBride (Eating Disorder, Abuse, Depression) At an early age, Ellie witnesses the brokenness and violence of her parents relationship. Her moms next boyfriend is no better and Harvey cruelly abuses Ellie and her siblings; forcing them to dress in such a way they get made fun of and complete hours of work without letting them shower. She is eager to escape to high school and college, but it is at university that the failure of her family catches up with her. Ellie is drowning in despair, losing a battle with her eating disorder and barely keeping up at school. Through the persistent love of two Godly women, she eventually comes to know God and begin a path toward healing.

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Feb 3

Program #3551 Wayne Bradley-PG

3551 Wayne Bradley - PG (Murder, Crime, Drugs) Dysfunction in Waynes family includes immorality, incest and drugs. When Wayne is a senior in high school, his older brother murders a neighbor. Wayne joins the army and becomes a sergeant while his brother is in prison. After the army Wayne goes home, his brother is paroled and then murders their parents. Wayne escapes into drugs, becoming a homeless purse-snatcher for seven years. Then he surrenders to Christ, marries Jacqi and is now a pastor.

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