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Unshackled! is radio drama produced in a unique way. As it has been since 1945, writers, actors, and musicians combine to create a dramatic presentation that demonstrates the power of God to reach and change man. Today, Unshackled! is still produced very much as it has always been. Original music is still woven "live" through the story at the time of production. Sound effects occur as the story unfolds before an appreciative live audience. Unshackled! is a ministry of Pacific Garden Mission. Known as the Old Lighthouse, Pacific Garden Mission has since 1877 preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost men and women of the street while at the same time meeting their material and physical needs.

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Sep 27

Program 3637 Delores Liesner

3637 Delores Liesner (Abuse, Suicide Attempt, Depression, Forgiveness) Growing up in verbal and physical abuse, Delores wanted to withdraw from life. She tried in multiple ways to get away from her mothers cruelty, from running away, to early marriage, and finally suicide attempts, but nothing stopped her suffering. Marriage brought her a new kind of life and a new faith to rely on, but her relationship with her abusive mother and the scars that had never healed remained the same, until she was called upon to do something she never thought she could do. Her answer was found in the freedom that comes when you face what you thought you couldn't and choose grace instead.

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Amy Blackwell Part 2 (Perfectionism, Divorce, Abortion) When Amy gives birth to Emma Grace, she is separated from Emma's father and her husband, Will. But caring for the baby brings them back together for a time. Still, their old habits emerge, and verbal abuse keeps their marriage pained and fraught. When a successful businessman shows up at church promising Amy her own band, a business, money and love, she asks Will for a divorce. But this man, Frank, turns out to be a master manipulator and con artist. He robs Amy of money and time using and abusing her until finally she stands up for herself and leaves him. Amy begins her healing journey through counseling and community and finally places her worth in who God made her to be and living to please Him.

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3635 Amy Blackwell Part 1 (Backsliding, Perfectionism, Divorce, Abortion) Amy grew up striving to do everything a good Christian should and to please her father. She was a peacemaker in her house and sought to thwart conflict between her parents. She carried this desire to please others into adulthood. An emotional affair ended her first marriage and led to a series of failed relationships, marriages, and divorces. Amy struggled to find her own voice and fell into a deep pit of depression and shame; only happy when she got to be with her two kids. When she got pregnant from a man she did not want to be with, Amy decided to abort. Her friend talked her out of it, reminding her of who she was and what she valued.

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3634 Joy Robertson Part 2 (Illness, Death, Testing Of Faith) When Joy decided to trust God and marry Ros Robertson, she thought she had found the perfect life for herself and her young daughter. But an unexpected illness and a dire diagnosis caused them to face difficult decisions. Joy struggled with issues of faith, asking why God had allowed such tragedy, while watching the faith of her husband in spite of pain and heartbreak. Joy finds that courage comes just when it is needed when you put your trust in God.

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3633 Joy Robertson Part 1 (Abuse, Unwed Pregnancy, Depression) Raised by family members, Joy was abused and mistreated at the hands of those her mother trusted with her care. She grew up dreaming of using her vocal talent to find fame and fortune, but when her big break came, she had a decision to make. She must choose between following her new faith in Christ or allowing her talent to be used in situations that would compromise her faith.

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