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WallBuilders Live! is the daily, half-hour program of David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders. David is a nationally known Christian author and historian. Together with co-host Rick Green, WallBuilders Live! meets at the intersection of faith and politics, capturing the ideas of America’s Founding Fathers and applying them to the news and issues of today.

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Dec 7

Holding on to Truth in a Marxist Leaning Culture - on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Riding the waves of today's politically charged climate, we dive headfirst into the role of Christian pastors in shaping culture. We don't shy away from controversial topics such as family divisions ignited by political differences, and the creeping presence of Marxist ideology within the church. We pull no punches as we stand up for truth. We navigate the often treacherous waters of the biblical worldview and its clash with Marxism. We peel back the layers on Marxism's groupthink mentality, contrasting it with the Bible's emphasis on individualism. We're not afraid to risk disunity for the sake of truth. We turn the spotlight on the sensitive issue of political divisions, mending fractured relationships, and the role of pastors and Christians in civil government. We draw from biblical perspectives, historical references, and personal anecdotes, setting the stage for a journey towards understanding and reconciliation. Shifting the focus onto the importance of civil discourse and relationship-building, we share invaluable insights about winning hearts, not just arguments. So, let’s buckle up and equip ourselves for the journey ahead. Join us for this enlightening adventure on the WallBuilders Show. Support the show

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Ever wished you could make a real difference in your child's education and the future generation? Imagine being equipped to challenge and change your local school board policies. This episode promises to empower you with insights and practical strategies you can apply in your own communities.  We're thrilled to be joined by Amy Krahe, the powerhouse behind Parents in Action. Amy sheds light on how she rallied a community to influence school curriculum and policies. Her story is nothing short of inspiring, fueled by her background in political science and her fervent belief in biblical truth. Amy's impact extends to school board elections and her candid accounts offer a model for success.  The strategies she used, the role of continuous engagement with elected officials, and the need for ongoing support are lessons that resonate. So, lend your ears to this episode and prepare to be inspired. Let's discover the potential of grassroots activism and the astounding difference it can make in our local communities together. Support the show

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Welcome to a riveting discussion on America's $33.8 trillion deficit. You'll gain valuable insights as we dissect the harsh reality of this economic impasse, the implications it holds for our nation, and how a biblical perspective can guide us through these turbulent economic waters. We're thrilled to be joined by Stephen McDowell from Providence Foundation, who brings profound expertise on biblical economics and the consequences of living in debt.  Get ready to explore the perils of debt, not just at a personal level, but also as a nation. Stephen walks us through the biblical principles that encourage financial stability and responsible economics, shedding light on how the monumental national debt impacts our present and future generations. From minimum wages to capital gains tax, progressive tax to inflation, this conversation takes an honest look at economic matters through a biblical lens. This is an essential reminder of the need for responsible economic decisions to ensure financial freedom and prosperity.  As we delve deeper into the conversation, you'll discover the liberating effects of living a debt-free life and the simplicity of God's ways. We explore the biblical principles of contentment, avoiding the love of money, and being generous, and how this mindset should impact our spending habits and society as a whole. Stephen also enlightens us on the influence of consumerism, advertising, and the need for individuals to make positive changes to see a positive shift in the nation. This is a compelling and thought-provoking discussion that is not to be missed, shedding light on the role of personal responsibility in financial decisions and the influence of biblical teachings on our economics. Support the show

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Welcome to a riveting episode, where we get under the skin of the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict and the Biden administration's dance around it. We're fortunate to have Rudy Atallah, a maestro in Middle Eastern affairs, to guide us through this complex geopolitical score. His insights illuminate the US administration's wavering support for Israel. Rudy draws from the annals of history to shed light on the State Department's anti-Israel bias, a backdrop that could immensely impact Israel's gameplan in this conflict. As we navigate through the labyrinth of Middle Eastern politics, we broaden our lens to capture the regional panorama. We touch upon rescue missions, global protests, and the US's strategy in handling the volatile situation. We raise valid concerns about the Biden administration pushing for a ceasefire and its perceived capitulation to Iran. Could Iran be orchestrating attacks on US soldiers in Syria while the administration turns a blind eye? As we sign off, remember to explore our website for resources and episode archives. This episode isn't just a rundown of the Middle East's geopolitical tableau; it's a clarion call for supporting Israel and taking a firm stand against Hamas. So tune in and engage in this compelling conversation. Support the show

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It’s time to look at good news articles from David and Tim’s stack. Fighting slows down in Israel and hostages return home. In California, there a recall efforts over progressive district attorneys. In Eugene Oregon, after hard drug use was legalized, city officials realize that was a bad move and start working to turn things around. Texas textbooks place Creationism back in as a potential explanation for the origin of the universe. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

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