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WallBuilders Live! is the daily, half-hour program of David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders. David is a nationally known Christian author and historian. Together with co-host Rick Green, WallBuilders Live! meets at the intersection of faith and politics, capturing the ideas of America’s Founding Fathers and applying them to the news and issues of today.

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Aug 5

Changing A State - And A Generation - American Heritage Series

Changing A State - And A Generation - American Heritage Series -How do we start changing a state - and a generation? What are the standards of are school textbooks? Do you know what has been taken out of our textbooks? How can you start making a change?

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Slavery, Abortion, Kamala As President, And More -On Foundations Of Freedom: Why is abortion a states'-rights issue, but slavery was not? Has there ever been a democrat president and republican vice-president? Will democrats have to evoke the 25th Amendment and remove Biden from office? What is the difference between civil law and common law?

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Anti-BDS Laws And The Courts - With Joe Sabag: A streak of anti-Semitic rhetoric and anti-Israeli discriminatory activity has caused great concern among lawmakers who are responding with Anti-BDS laws. What are these Anti-BDS laws? What have the courts said about these laws and why does it matter? What will result from the court's decision? Tune in to hear Joe Sabag form the Israeli-American Council for Action explain!

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Unions And Your Rights -- With Mark Mix: Have you heard about what happened to Southwest Airlines employee Charlene Carter? Should employees be forced to pay fees that support acts that violate their consciences? Should the federal government override state right-to-work laws? Should unions be focusing on the workplace or politics? How is out-of-touch Biden killing the economy with Unions? Tune in to hear Mark Mix explain a big win in a labor-law case!

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Exposing And Putting Pressure On Woke Companies - With Jeremy Tedesco -Alliance Defending Freedom is exposing and putting pressure on woke companies. Why is it important to not support companies that threaten the very beliefs we hold to? How do we find companies that support our views? Jeremy Tedesco joins us to answer these questions and more today!

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