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February 25, 2020

So you think you've done everything to set your financial ship aright. You've created a spending plan and have started paying down debt; you've even learned to say no to impulse buying. Good for you! That's a great start. But are you ready for new challenges? Kingdom Advisors President, Rob West, has a financial to-do list of things to help get yourself back in the black. Do a complete shopping ban. Decide on a period of time say, two week sand commit to not spending a dime on anything but the absolute essentials. You'll learn a lot about your spending habits and will learn how you've been blowing money on those things you don't need. Sell stuff. Set a goal of selling two- or three-hundred dollars worth of things that are lying around that you no longer use. But remember that spending ban don't just take the money from your sale to go buy more stuff that'll end up back in the garage again! Set a goal to get rid of 25% of your wardrobe. Next, take that clothing to Goodwill or other thrift stores where it can help someone else. You can even deduct the fair market value of your donation; just make sure to get an itemized receipt from the collection center. Try to live on one income. If you and your spouse both work, try to save one entire salary and live on the other. This will take time and you might not get there. You may only be able to save part of the second salary but this is definitely a goal worth setting. Develop a spending plan. Start saving to set a preliminary goal of $1,500. This will become a fully-funded emergency fund when you have at least 3 months living expenses in it.

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