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Hosted by Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, this half-hour program is the cornerstone of Focus on the Family's home-strengthening outreach. Focus on the Family provides biblically-based advice for marriage and parenting with heart-touching stories and help for families.

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Jul 26

Encouraging Marriages in Your Sphere of Influence

Taking care of your own marriage is important, but are you also encouraging the other marriages around you? Pastor Ted Cunningham shares why every marriage needs godly backup singers who will support and strengthen that covenant relationship!

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Virtues are instilled in your children with laughter, not lectures. Courtney DeFeo will share how you can increase love, forgiveness, and perseverance in your children.

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WNBA All-Star and four-time Olympic gold medalist Tamika Catchings-Smith reflects on her childhood, dealing with hearing loss and bullying, which led her to discover a passion for basketball. It’s a captivating story you won’t want to miss.

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Looking for the perfect gift for your spouse? How about the gift of love, a love that will last a lifetime? We’ll hear from a man who loved his wife well for 62 years. He’ll explain what makes an enduring marriage, and what you can do to keep the romance alive, all that and more.

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When you see an older couple walking hand in hand, it makes you smile, doesn’t it? You’ll hear from a man who loved his wife well for 62 years. Whether you’re married, or waiting for that special someone, learn how to make your marriage last a lifetime.

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