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Christian talk radio with Jim Daly

Hosted by Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, this half-hour program is the cornerstone of Focus on the Family's home-strengthening outreach. Focus on the Family provides biblically-based advice for marriage and parenting with heart-touching stories and help for families.

Recent Episodes

Oct 12

Preparing Your Kids for the Teen Years – I and II

Going through puberty can be an exciting and scary transition is your family ready? Well examine some godly ways parents can prepare their kids for issues like dating, body image, social media, and Gods purpose for their lives.

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When someone is hostile toward you, theres a temptation to respond in the same way. But toxic behavior only breeds more toxicity! Gary Thomas returns on urging believers to offer love instead of hate, and compassion for non-Christians.

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Maybe you know someone who is impossible to please. It may seem like theyre trying to control your life! Gary Thomas describes toxic relationships and when its okay for Christians to simply walk away.

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Sometimes the best lesson your child can learn comes from life itself! Discover why you need to step back and see how kids will solve their own problems rather than rushing in to help every time.

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Your child keeps misbehaving and nothing you do seems to work! You'll hear some new strategies for parents - where you talk less, enforce consequences, and let your kids learn from their mistakes!

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