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The Fulfillment of A Promise - Part 1

In Touch

Christian talk radio with Charles Stanley

May 17, 2022

God gives us many wonderful promises in His Word, but we often don't live by them. This leads us to think that God won't answer our prayers, and we doubt His desire to work in our lives. We end up asking for things that are not in His will and have no foundation in Scripture. If we want answers to our prayers, we need to ask God for things that are rooted in His Word. Dr. Stanley explains how God taught him to trust in His Word and shares the scriptural principles that will also allow us to do so. For example: - God's promises are stated clearly. - God's guidance comes with His promises. - Times for personal meditation and worship strengthen our faith in God's promises. - Changing course from God's pathway indicates we doubt God's promises. - God will renew His promises to us if we follow His will. - Listening to ungodly or unwise counsel can cause us to ignore the promises of God and get out of His will. - The fulfillment of God's promise may seem impossible when we view it only from our eyes, and it may require an action on our part that seems to be in opposition to His promises. - The fulfillment of God's promises may require us to sacrifice something dear to us. The foundation for our requests ought to be found in the promises of God. When we trust in His promises, our prayers will have strength, and we'll find the answers we seek.

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