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Founded by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, The Voice of the Martyrs has been dedicated to assisting persecuted Christians worldwide since 1967—through practical and spiritual assistance and leading other members of the body of Christ into fellowship with them. Voice of the Martyrs Radio is the weekly radio outreach of the ministry. Host Todd Nettleton interviews courageous Christians in countries where the gospel is opposed or banned altogether. These brave believers share their stories of how lives are being changed around the world.

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Aug 1

MISSIONS: For The Glory of God

Andrew Scott is back to talk about missions right now—including the effects of coronavirus on international gospel workers. He says every follower of Christ is called to be part of spreading Jesus’ glory around the world. Andrew is the President and CEO of , and the author of a book, SCATTER: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You. Andrew will talk about how world missions is changing—including more missionaries raised up and sent out from developing-world nations. He’ll also share how OM is collaborating with other mission orgs—including The Voice of the Martyrs—to complete the task of preaching Christ to every tribe, tongue and nation. Finally, he’ll share thoughts for those thinking about overseas gospel work, and coach every listener in how to pray for mission workers and the advance of Christ’s Kingdom around the world. OM’s founders, George Verwer and Dale Rhoton, have also been guests on VOM Radio. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio!

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Aaron Miller leads VOM’s work in South and Central Asia, including India, where five Christians have been killed in the past two months. Listen as he shares how coronavirus is affecting VOM’s work, including stories of blessings that have grown out of the COVID-19 pandemic. One pastor said his interrogation was postponed because authorities in his area are focused on the virus, not on the church. Aaron brings unique expertise on persecution in India. Listen to the stories of some of the recent martyrs, including a teenager who stepped up when his pastor could no longer shepherd the flock in his village—and paid with his life. You’ll also hear how a husband, knowing persecution was coming, prepared his wife to stand strong in her faith even if she became a widow. How does VOM respond when a Christian is killed in India or other nations? How are help and encouragement delivered to family members left behind? How can we pray for Christians in South and Central Asia? Never miss an episode of VOM Radio on your favorite podcast service.

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“Brother Joel” continues the conversation we left off about God’s work in China, work which continues in spite of an ongoing wave of Christian persecution and the coronavirus pandemic. Brother Joel helps VOM distribute Bibles in every part of China. He’ll give us an update on current challenges for Bible efforts in China—including Chinese Christians currently in prison simply for providing people—including children—access to God’s Word. Joel will tell us how new laws in China affected foreign Christian workers, including thousands who found their visas cancelled and were forced to leave China, sometimes almost immediately. He’ll also talk about a current project to complete a new translation of the Bible into Chinese—a translation more favorable to Communist Party and socialist principles. Yet in spite of persecution, the virus and the other challenges facing China’s church, Joel says Chinese Christians are encouraged and excited about what God is doing in their nation. He’ll equip listeners to pray with current, specific needs of the church in China. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio! on your favorite podcast service.

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In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, the government’s focus on persecuting Christians and closing churches hasn’t faded. In fact, there’s been an increase in persecution in recent months as Chinese Communist Party leaders continue their efforts to control the hearts and minds of the people. Churches have been closed. Pastors have been arrested. But Chinese Christians are responding with boldness, finding new ways to spread the gospel even amidst pandemic and persecution. “Brother Joel” helps VOM distribute Bibles in every part of China, and this week he’ll share what’s happening with the church in China. How is coronavirus affecting the church? Why does the Communist Party fear Christians so much? What does persecution in China look like right now? Never miss an episode of VOM Radio!

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Americans will celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. And while Americans celebrate freedom and liberty, 600 persecuted Christians in the African nation of Eritrea will spend another weekend in prison—some of them have been in prison more than 15 years! Dr. Berhane knows what it’s like inside Eritrean prisons. He spent 11 months in prison for his faith in Christ. But, even in prison, he saw God’s hand at work and found opportunities to witness to others—including prisoners about to be executed. Imagine the feeling as prison guards would read the names of prisoners scheduled for execution that day, each prisoner wondering if this was the day their name would be on that terrible list. Yet in the midst of suffering and executions, Dr. Berhane says he experienced an inner peace through the presence of Jesus Christ. “Whenever I read the Scripture,” he says, “it’s full of persecution.” Listen as he explains how there is more freedom for Christians to worship inside Eritrean prisons than for Christians outside of prison. Today, Dr. Berhane is a voice for persecuted Christians in Eritrea through Release Eritrea, a UK-based charity. Be inspired as he shares his own story, and equips every listener to pray for Christians in Eritrea, including those 600 currently in prison. You can write letters on behalf Christians in prison in Eritrea through Never miss an episode of VOM Radio! .

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