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Founded by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, The Voice of the Martyrs has been dedicated to assisting persecuted Christians worldwide since 1967—through practical and spiritual assistance and leading other members of the body of Christ into fellowship with them. Voice of the Martyrs Radio is the weekly radio outreach of the ministry. Host Todd Nettleton interviews courageous Christians in countries where the gospel is opposed or banned altogether. These brave believers share their stories of how lives are being changed around the world.

Recent Episodes

May 30

PETR JASEK: Imprisoned With ISIS

In 2015, Petr Jasek traveled to Khartoum, Sudan, to meet with pastors and other Christians to evaluate how The Voice of the Martyrs—a ministry Petr has served with since 2002—could help and encourage persecuted Sudanese believers. Petr was arrested at the airport on his way out of the country, charged with espionage and other crimes and sentenced to life in prison before the Czech government negotiated his release. The story of Petr’s imprisonment—and the ministry God allowed him inside—is told in a brand new book, Imprisoned with ISIS: Faith in the Face of Evil. Listen as Petr shares his story and updates listeners on his current ministry around the world. Petr first told his story to VOM Radio listeners just nine days after his release. You can hear that conversation—recorded in Prague. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio.

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Brother Jeremy is VOM’s deputy regional director for Africa, helping oversee all VOM projects to serve persecuted Christians on the African continent. Jeremy will update us on how Covid-19 is affecting Africa, and how VOM workers continue serving persecuted Christians in spite of the coronavirus. Jeremy will update us on the situation in Nigeria, including the amazing testimony of kidnapped Pastor Lawan Andimi—who turned his “proof of life” video into an opportunity to testify for Christ. Jeremy will also talk about how Boko Haram has expanded operations into northern Cameroon and other nations and how that’s affecting Christians. Finally, he’ll equip us to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Africa. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio! Subscribe to the VOM Radio podcast .

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Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many around the world are dealing with fear and discouragement. Andrew Brunson knows those feelings well. After serving more than 20 years as gospel workers in Turkey, Pastor Andrew and Norine Brunson were suddenly arrested, accused of plotting with terrorist groups to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Norine was subsequently released, but Andrew spent two years in prison. Listen as they share how God sustained them through this time of intense testing, including the brokenness Andrew felt, and his decision to rejoice—and even dance—as an act of obedience to God. Norine will talk about how she tried to encourage Andrew on her prison visits, and even gave him scripts to help him stand against fear, depression and hopelessness. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio! Subscribe to the VOM Radio podcast .

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Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu-nationalist government put India on 21-day lockdown. Every Indian is impacted—Christian, Muslim and Hindu, high caste and low caste, rich and poor. “Brother Bennie” leads and he’s in direct contact with gospel workers all over India, as well as Myanmar and Nepal. Listen as he shares what life is like right now for everyone in India, especially Christian brothers and sisters facing both persecution and pandemic. In spite of government oppression and fear of Covid-19, Indian Christians are reaching out and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. The gospel is going forth. Bennie will equip listeners to pray for India, and to reach out to Hindus who live in Western nations. Brother Bennie is a regular speaker at VOM Advance Conferences. Find out when one of these free, one-day events will be in a city near you at. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio!

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Ebrahim Firouzi, a Christian convert from Islam, has been in and out of prison in Iran since 2011. Last year he completed his most recent prison sentence, but instead of being set free and allowed to go home, Ebrahim has been banished to internal exile in Sarbaz, a city near the border with Pakistan. All of these punishments are a direct result of Ebrahim’s conversion from Islam to follow Jesus and his faithful witness for Christ. This week, speaking from exile, Ebrahim shares his testimony and gives an update on his life today and God’s faithfulness during his time in prison. Multiple times, Ebrahim was given the opportunity to renounce Christ and go free; each time he refused to compromise. “I could never turn my back on my faith,” Ebrahim says. “By God’s grace I endured a few years in prison in exchange for an eternity with Him.” This interview was originally conducted in Farsi by Joseph Hovsepian, the son of martyred Iranian church leader Haik Hovsepian. We are thankful to Joseph and our friends at for allowing VOM Radio to broadcast this interview and share Ebrahim’s testimony. Pray for the people in Iran and other Islamic nations during Ramadan.

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